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Mens clothing SS17 trends

September 10, 2016

Soon the capital will be a flutter with fashionistas for the upcoming womens shows for spring/summer 2017. Menswear has already seen its time in the spotlight and gives us a cheery insight into the warmer seasons ahead. Upcoming Mens clothing SS17 trends in mens clothing have sparked a revival and a huge influence from styles of the 90s. Also collections have continued their looks from SS16, giving an updated look on much-loved design. Menswear continues to create innovative looks for a new generation of style conscious individuals. These collections have showcased several must have trends and staple items for any guy’s new season wardrobe.

Take a look at the mens clothing trends for spring/summer 2017, mixing modern design with vintage inspiration.

90s leisurewear Mens clothing SS17 trends

Trend influences of the 1990s have been a popular fixture in catwalk collections for the past few seasons. This time, for Mens clothing SS17 trends we see a street wear focus take centre stage. Designers have reinvented much-loved features of this iconic decade including Nasir Mazhar’s update on the classic shell suit. Large pullover jumpers were a favourite too with pastel colours giving a lighter palette for spring/summer 2017.

Stripes In Mens clothing SS17 trends

This bold yet simple print proved a hit in designer collections this season. Some opted for classic examples on t-shirts and shirts whilst other proved stripes are never too much on two-piece ensembles. Striped knits gave a sporty vibe and were also a popular feature with a mixture of widths and vivacious colours. This versatile look paired with a range of shades provides a strong look for SS17.

Too much is never enough

Surprisingly for spring/summer some designers picked a more is more approach. Opting for billowing silhouettes and lots of layering. For this time of the year, this type of texture is great for a transitional look offering some inspiration for spring wardrobes.

Denim Mens clothing SS17 trends

This is often a staple item in any man’s wardrobe and spring/summer 2017 offers some strong trend examples. Distressed looks and wide-leg jeans had a large vintage influence, paired with striking contemporary tailoring.

Beige checks

Another of 90s influential trends has sprung to life on catwalks. This iconic check pattern that was once a key feature for street wear owing to faux-Burberry look has been revived once again in collections. Designers such as Agi & Sam opted for jackets and layered overcoats. Whereas designer Astrid Andersen showcased two piece creations across the collection.

Summer by the sea

Spring/summer wouldn’t be the same without some good old-fashioned summer wear. This season will see loose light fabric paired with pastel tones. Topman Design offered a quirky take on our favourite coastal towns by sporting them on their seaside assortments. Sibling also showcased chic swimwear giving us hope for a warm summer.

Flood-length trousers

A style that was fashionable in denim has worked its way into tailoring. Flood-length style trousers sit just above the ankle and are now making waves in smart wear. This strong look created an unlikely pairing with tailored jackets yet offers a unique look for Mens clothing SS17 trends.

Bold tailoring and high waists

Suits and tailoring are always an important feature in Mens clothing SS17 trends. This season sees bold colours with even bolder shoulders. Suits showcased broad shoulders creating a wide stature. Colours weren’t for the faint hearted either, displaying bright spring/summer hues and prominent pin striping.

High waists work perfectly with mens tailoring. This season alongside smart suits showcased a number of designers opting for a higher rise. This higher waist was embellished with stylish belts, accessories and wrap around garments.

Utility style Mens clothing SS17 trends

Another of the 90s iconic trends emerges this season with a fabulous grungy presence. Olive tone camo prints and patchwork looks dominated collections across the waters with Givenchy and Valentino mixing it up for the new season.

Spot on

The classic leopard spot offered a different take on this popular print. Not just fashioned on womenswear, leopard print has leapt into the mens clothing sector. Both UK and international designers relished in this pattern challenge with offerings from Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and 3.1 Phillip Lim to name a few.

Tied up embellishment

This style of embellishment delved into sensual undertones with a straps and ties decorating garments. Other strapping details were sported in a utilitarian style with lots of harness style adornment on jackets and outerwear. The grunge feel to this Mens clothing SS17 trend also has huge influences again with 90s vintage fashion. Giving us another fabulous revival of a much-loved decade in fashion.

Onesie love Mens clothing SS17 trends

Jumpsuits or the beloved ‘onesie’ offered a casual look for the coming Mens clothing SS17 trends season. Designers displayed their creations in a number of ways, some opted for denim all over and others created a utilitarian look. The variety was diverse and designers worldwide showcased a distinct love of this key trend.

Colours for Mens clothing SS17 trends

All white

Naturally we expect the season to be full of spring colours and candy summer palettes. The upcoming season is no exception. The purest of colours to emerge for Mens clothing SS17 trends was crisp, clean and contemporary. All white was favoured amongst many designers, offering tailoring choices and other loose-layered pieces. This refreshing shade gives a chic and traditional choice for your summer wardrobe.

Not so mellow yellow

This perfect summer tone was a key feature in designer’s collection here in the UK and across the pond. The brighter the better was the main focus yet many creations saw a pairing with mustard undertones, offering a subtle and brilliant combination to this strong palette. This colour was emblazoned on everything from polo shirts, accessories to the glorious and traditional fisherman’s mac as showcased by Gucci.


Mens clothing SS17 trends trends provide us with insight to the future of fashion. As you can see from the spring/summer collections there is heavy influence from previous decades. The 90s have proved a big hit this year and there are several other subtle vintage inspirations creeping into collections, perfect if you want to mix vintage wears with a modern on trend twist.