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Mens vintage bomber jackets

April 29, 2015

Bomber jackets were first worn by the US military way back when, and since then they have been at the frontier of fashion throughout the decades.Taking its name from the army, the bomber jacket is still a super-popular fashion item. Through the variations in style, Mens vintage bomber jackets are still keeping us warm today.


A popular type of Mens vintage bomber jackets are the 80s Harrington bomber jackets. This type was commonly adorned by skinheads and punks as seen in the film and TV series This is England. Tartan lined and with a poly-cotton outer, these jackets typically come in dark colours.


It’s as if these Mens vintage bomber jackets are the love child of a mod and a punk’s secret affair. This type of jacket gives you that stylish, alternative vibe – all you need now is a nose ring and some creepers. These mens vintage bomber jackets tell the public to “Get back! No, come closer and have a look at my fabulous jacket!” This outfit is complete with some rolled up black skinny jeans and a look of contemplation on your face.

Varsity mens vintage bomber jackets

A sign of popularity throughout the decades in American high schools has always been shown by wearing the varsity and letterman bomber jacket. They are now a world wide fashion trend today and this time you don’t have to be one of the jocks to wear them. These mens vintage bomber jackets are usually embroidered with, as the name suggests, a letter on the breast. Originally designed for great American sports such as baseball and American football, they are now worn as casual fashion. Men’s street style bomber jackets typically have a bold colour on the torso and usually have white sleeves.


Bieber is seen here wearing a large ‘B’ on his bomber jacket possibly standing for brunch, bacon or Betty White… not his own initials, he’s too humble.

Mens vintage Leather bomber jackets

If you want to be the epitome of awesome then, my friend, you must wear a leather bomber jacket. These are the best mens vintage bomber jackets for you if you want to look insanely fly! You don’t have to be a 1920’s pilot to wear a leather bomber jacket. However, this jacket can come with a sheep skin lining and sheep skin collar, so you can put on a ridiculously posh British accent and walk and talk like a pilot if you want to, old bean.


You also don’t have to be in a motorcycle gang to pull off being able to wear a leather bomber jacket. If you feel like wearing one whilst playing dice and intimidating passers by then again, that’s up to you.


Leather bomber jackets are traditionally thick and insulating to help you feel secretly warm and cosy whilst still looking dangerous. Famous vampire, Robert Pattinson, chooses to wear his array of mens vintage bomber jackets with a flannel shirt and black skinnies. He probably needs it with all that flying around at night.


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Michael Jackson, hiding in the shadows. Probably so no one steals his jacket.

Bieber mirroring the ‘saved by the bell’ style, paid for his with pocket money.

Where it all began.

These guys give bomber jackets the thumbs up.

Hells Angels