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Exploring which 80s fashion statements are making a strong comeback today!

August 21, 2018

From power suits and Neon track suits, to shoulder pads, Leather jackets, fanny packs and more – Let’s explore which 80s fashion statements are making a strong comeback?

When it comes to 80s fashion, powerful fashion icons like Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent, and vibrant performers like Madonna and Britney Spears have left their mark. We’ll find out which 80s fashion statements are making a strong comeback.


Bow Wow Wow 1982 Berlin

Bow Wow Wow 1982 Berlin


An Era of Conflicting Fashion

The 80s was a peculiar era for fashion and fashion lovers. On the one hand, you had the New Romantics that borrowed shoulder pads and fanny packs from hit Hollywood soap operas like Dallas and Dynasty. This was the “glamour” gone public look, and it took celebrities like Princess Di to really cement the New Romantic look as she became a fashion icon of her time.

Then, there was the Yuppie era, and a time where Power Dressing was made popular – thanks to steel-willed personalities like Maggie Thatcher and her power suits. And because of all this fashion conflict, it’s hard to really distinguish which 80s fashion statements are making a strong comeback.

None the less, there are definite signs that some of what was popular back in the 80s, is finding it’s way back into today’s fashion world. Select pieces of the conflicted 80s wardrobes are indeed making a comeback!


Crossdresser in prom dress


What’s Popular Today?

Regardless of which fashion era one might be studying, there’s bound to be someone, during a contemporary period, who might (wittingly or otherwise!) embrace select pieces of clothing from a by-gone era. So, if you see a group of hikers along a walking trail with fanny packs – does that mean 80s fashion is making a comeback?

Probably not! However, there are certain signs that have been coming out of the fashion world, ever since Spring 2017 and even as recently as 2018, that certain elements of 80s fashion are behind the inspiration of legendary designers and labels like Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs.

The catwalks and fashion runways are increasingly showing off ruffles and tops with puffy-sleeves – iconic 80s styles that can’t be forgotten! And if that’s not a dead giveaway of which 80s trends are making a comeback today, all you need to do is watch the silhouettes, shades and styles that are being rolled out at various fashion events around the globe. You’re bound to see a hint of 80s fashion embedded into contemporary styles!

And in that backdrop, lets take a closer look at which 80s fashion statements are making a strong comeback today.


Tami Ben Ami in_a Gottex Bathing Suit, 16 June 1980

Our Top Three Pop 80s List

Our Top Pop (top popular trends) List of 80s fashion includes:


  • Power Plays

With a booming economy back in the 80s, more women felt confident about entering the workforce. It’s the same today, and power suits are making a comeback yet again. Some may attribute it to the fact that woman-power is back at the very top in Britain. Still, the fact that women’s tailored pants and double-breasted blazers are making a comeback is no secret.

A look at Victoria Beckham’s recent line-up shows that baggy trousers and oversized blazers with organza shirts are reminiscent of the 80s-era soft woman-power!


  • Bold Shoulder

Back in spring 2017, designers and popular labels were showing their preference for shoulder pads and puffy sleeves.  More recently, New York Fashion Week’s undisputed crown prince, Marc Jacobs, along with other icons, showcased their latest collections, which included bold shoulders baggy trousers and large bow-belts. The runway was filled with 1908s-inspired styles from masters of that era, including Saint Laurent, Mugler and Montana.

But fashion can’t be isolated from reality, and today’s reality is dictating which 80s fashion statements are making a strong comeback. Movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo have inspired many celebrities, and a mass of “ordinary” women, to take up 80s-inspired power suits and bold shoulders to make a statement: Women CAN CHOOSE – including how they dress!


  • Leading The Pack

Back in the late 1980s and the early part of the 90s, fashion watchers were all taken up with many fashion accessories – including big belts, big earrings and yes…fanny packs!

But in case anyone is quick to chalk the pack to fashion history of the past – hold on! Nordstrom today markets a rather pricey version of it, but there’s nothing Fanny about that pack. This high-end fashion accessory from one of the world’s most renowned retailer is making a comeback as their “Belt Bag”. But no matter how you look at it – these are Fanny Packs by another name, albeit it designed to contemporary colours and styles!


Suzanne Somers entertains the crew aboard the aircraft carrier USS RANGER (CV-61).


80s Fashion definitely making a comeback!

So, which 80s fashion statements are making a strong comeback? Well, no matter how you look at it, 80s fashion is definitely on a path to resurgence. The revival of shoulder pads and power suits, and the popularity of track suits and 80s style street wear can be seen everywhere. So, reach behind in your closet and dust off those leather jackets and puffy-shouldered dresses. They’re back in style!