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Mens vintage sheepskin coats -1940s onwards

December 15, 2015

The perfect outer-wear item for winter has to be a vintage sheepskin coat. This incredibly warm coat has a respected history and was a major fashion statement during the 1970’s. It has since seen a reawakened trend with people loving this cosy yet stylish piece. So if you want a great winter warmer, there are unique selections of mens vintage sheepskin coats giving you a statement outer-wear item to add to your vintage collection.

Mens vintage sheepskin coats

A brief history

Sheepskin although crafted for fashion items has been used for many other products over history. Commonly constructed for hard-wearing items such as boots and the pelt providing a natural insulation source in chilly climes, you can see why sheepskin provided an invaluable source of warmth and usefulness.

WW11 RAF pilots-Men's Shearling Coats

WW11 RAF pilots-Men’s Shearling Coats

Famous flight jackets

Pilots of the first and second world war sported the most famous examples of mens sheepskin jackets. These iconic jackets provided the much-needed insulation for pilots that experienced freezing temperatures in traditional flight cockpits. Mens vintage sheepskin coats made a comeback during the 70s with skinheads and scooter boys all relishing in this vintage trend.

Mens vintage sheepskin coats – vintage vs modern sheepskin coats

Mens Vintage sheepskin coats-from Blue17

Vintage sheepskin coats-from Blue17


A sheepskin coat is something of an investment piece. Well-made and tailored examples are produced from dedicated outer-wear makers and choosing this statement winter coat should be a decision based on quality and craftsmanship.

Rico models sheepskin coat from Blue17

Rico models sheepskin coat from Blue17


Mens sheepskin coats are a testament to the workmanship and skillfulness of a bygone era. These sheepskin coats and jackets have stood the test of time and are filled with a fascinating history of stories and tales.

Kiko models sheepskin coat from Blue17

Kiko models sheepskin coat from Blue17


Good quality mens vintage shearling coats are a unique and perfect feature for your winter wardrobe. Take a look at our fantastic selection of original vintage sheepskin coats and jackets for a practical and stylish outer-wear addition.