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James Bond dressing

August 30, 2015

JamesYou can’t help but have noticed that it’s Sean Connery’s 85th birthday.It’s hard to believe he’s 85, because it only seems like yesterday when he was playing the role of James Bond, the first Bond, and the one we all remember as being the best.

James Bond dressing

A dark suit and an attitude

If you love vintage and you fancy trying on a bit of the James Bond magic yourself, perhaps it’s time to widen your search, and put some time in to finding yourself a few key pieces in order to create your own special version of the man himself.


Naturally if you’re going to do James Bond, a suit is going to be obligatory.For the Bond look, a dark one, black or blue, is better, 3 piece, with well-defined lines, and made from a soft good quality fabric, perhaps a wool blend.

A good well-fitting suit

A well-fitting suit is essential, there’s nothing better than a man who fills a suit well, and nothing worse when a suit doesn’t fit properly.


No baggy legs, or arms that reach the knuckles. If you’re going for a 40s or 50s suit you’ll have to check it’s a comfortable fit, so trying it on is advisable.


Although double-breasted is fine if you’re really into the double-breasted look.However, if you want to rock the James Bond look, then a single breasted jacket is best.


What to wear with the suit? Big questions – is it a cummerbund or a waistcoat? It’s entirely up to you, but a cummerbund looks good for a night out, whereas a waistcoat might be best for the day.

Belt or suspenders

Next question is should you go with a belt or suspenders?The choice again is entirely up to you, but if we’re talking 60s James Bond, suspenders might be more authentic.


Shawl or peak labels? Either one, it’s up to you. Perhaps finish off with a neatly folded pocket in either red or white.

The shirt

A good, well-fitting shirt is essential, as is the quality and fabric of the shirt itself. This isn’t a look that can be done cheaply. It can have single or double cuffs but as long as it’s not too tight or too baggy.


The shirt must look like you haven’t tried too hard, but still looks the picture of elegance.

Emulating the James Bond Look – Shoes

When you’re choosing a pair of shoes, look for something that’s of good quality with detailing on the shoe, something that oozes class. Oxfords are good for a full on James Bond look or if you want to go for a pair of brogues, black is best, no brown.


You want to give the impression of effortless class and that means finishing off your look with a pair of smart expensive looking shoes.

Vintage James Bond

The beauty of vintage, and especially for this type of look, is that you can look as cool and as expensive as James Bond, but for fraction of what you’d pay on the high street. Suits, shirts, shoes, were all better made 30, 40, 50 years ago.


There was less emphasis on mass production, and more on handmade items, with a high level of first-rate craftsmanship.If you buy vintage, you can get the look, the exact look from the right decade, and probably for much less than you’d think.


If you want to get the James Bond 007 look and get authentic, well made clothes from the right era, then vintage is definitely the way to go.