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Mens vintage western boots

April 16, 2015

Cowboy boots have a long history both on and off the ranch. They’re comfortable, practical and long lasting, tall enough to protect you from that pesky snakebite, durable enough to last several lifetimes.You don’t have to ride like Doc Holliday or be as butch as Butch Cassidy to be able to appreciate a sturdy pair of mens vintage western boots. They never really went out of fashion, and never really will.

Men’s western boots vintage style

There’s different styles of Mens vintage western bootsto suit everybody, from desert riders and gunslingers to your typical Victorian dandy or festival-going indie rocker, provided they appreciate good craftsmanship and style. So what should you look for?


Western fashion is right on trend now, and if you want to blend in with all your fringe-and-pony skin clad mates, you’ll need a good pair of mens vintage western boots.

What To Look For In Mens Vintage Western Boots

Mens vintage western boots come in variety of materials, ranging from traditional cowhide to more exotic leathers such as alligator, caiman, nile lizard, ostrich, ring lizard, python or stingray.


Alligator skin has long been the most prestigious type of exotic leather, recognisable by its gorgeous, large scales, but if you’re looking to spend you might invest in a good pair of manta stingray boots, with a characteristic white stripe or ‘eye’ down the centre of the skin.


Completely badass python skin has been outlawed, but anaconda, smaller-patterned ring lizard and nile lizard skins are still in use. While mens vintage western boots do not directly encourage poaching, buying exotic leathers by a near-extinct species might put you outside of the law.


While the working cowboy boots have a 1,6 inch heel, smooth uppers and narrow toes which make it perfect for riding, some lower (or higher) heel and square toe are also very much in use. The best quality mens vintage western boots have tops (or uppers) made from one piece of leather, complex single needle stitched designs and the sole is attached with pegs made of lemonwood.


But you don’t have to go that far to be a cool cactus shark: just make sure the stitching of the sole and the uppers is dense and of good quality, that boots are bench-made and that there are no visible bullet holes in the leather.


Mens vintage western boots get better the dingier they are, so scruffs and scars are okay, as long as you give them a good wipe with a leather polish or leather conditioner every now and then. However, make sure they’re a good snug fit as painful hobble may affect your cocky gunslinger stride.

How To Wear Them

Everybody knows the best prairie footwear comes from Texas, the country that immortalised the cowboy boot in varieties ranging from understated workwear to glittering diamanté Las Vegas concoctions or his-and-hers custom made monogrammed wedding boots.


Some gringo boots are lavishly covered with bulls, snakes, horses, indians, decks of cards in tight, multicoloured stitching; but unless you’re Prince, opt for the simple black or monochrome ones for that pared-down mean look.


Sure, you could team Mens vintage western boots up with quintessential double denim, black stetson and a bolo tie, especially if you’re channelling this season’s hommage to the 70s; but for a more urban look look at simple timeless tailoring.


Country & rock icons Keith Urban and grizzling Bryan Adams never part from their basic chocolate cowhide boots, whereas Russell Brand swaps his chelsea boots for good quality mens vintage western boots for that trailblazing antihero look.



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