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Vintage baseball shirts, True Sports Americana

June 19, 2015

Mens vintage baseball shirts appeal to lovers of Americana, lovers of vintage clothing, sports fans and anyone who likes a quirky casual look. It’s like a cool version of wearing a football shirt.

Vintage baseball shirts

Of course if you don’t support a particular team or aren’t charmed by the Yankees logo, there are plenty of plain baseball shirts out there, or ones printed with pictures or slogans just like any other tees.

Celebrities wearing mens vintage baseball shirts

There is a huge trend for celebrities wearing mens vintage baseball shirts at the moment. If you’re a man and you’re wearing one, you’re probably wearing it with jeans in a fairly straight up fashion, and it probably has the number of your favourite player on. In other words, you’re probably a baseball fan. Unless you’re Chris Brown, in which case your shirt will be way more funky, decorated with roses, and widely copied.


But mostly, men don’t really style it up. Unlike female celebrities, who take great delight in wearing their vintage baseball shirts in a more unusual way. With nothing but thigh-high gladiator sandals, for example, or tight and clingy to show off one’s assets. It’s like wearing boyfriend jeans, but this is boyfriend baseball shirts.


Wearing the shirt as a mini dress is also popular. And some people pick the shirt according to the colour, whatever team logo it sports. Black and white is a popular choice, and blue and white ones seem flattering.

True Fans

Of course, if you’re a true fan you’d never pick a shirt to match your eyes, or according to what’s in fashion. You wear the correct shirt for your team, and you wear it at games or while watching them on telly. Although the Yankees seem to be the most popular team, possibly because everyone’s heard of New York and not everyone knows about the Houston Astros, there are in fact thirty teams to pick from in the American Major League, and with 162 games per season for each team, there’s plenty of chance to wear your mens vintage baseball shirts.

There are also over 74 million fans out there, so you’re never going to be alone as you spectate, whether at home or at the stadium.


Of course, if you’re a dedicated fan, this is where the ‘vintage’ side of vintage baseball shirts comes from. You can search for every home, away, and third jersey the team has ever had – the third jersey is a kind of spare, worn if the opposing team’s colours are too close to your teams, where confusion might arise.


Third jerseys are quite rare as merchandise, so like catnip for completist collectors. Otherwise, collectors look for every variation in shirt design down the years, and of course, for jerseys that have been signed or worn by particular players, or that have their numbers.


Going to a baseball game is great fun for visitors to America, and a baseball shirt is a perfect souvenir to commemorate it when you get back home. Style it up and wear it out clubbing or wear it as a nightshirt.


Chris Brown in a more straight up baseball shirt. Photo Pacific Coast News.

Chris Brown in a baseball tee

Kat Graham styles it up

Marisa Miller Baseball shirt.

Rihanna looking swag in a baseball shirt

Rita Ora in a baseball jersey.
Dogers image