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Vintage 90s grunge fashion

June 22, 2015

The 1990s was well-known for the grunge look and for those of you who aren’t familiar with vintage 90s grunge fashion, then basically you’re looking at fashion that was led by an alternative rock sound, emerging around the mid-eighties but really reaching its zenith, in the UK at least, by the 1990s.


Vintage 90s grunge fashion at its height

Grunge fans listened to Nirvana, Hole, Dinosaur Jr, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden to list a few.Vintage 90s grunge fashion was a combination of punk meets rock meets metal, associated with the sounds and lyrics of grunge music. Its origins were in the US in the state of Washington, and more specifically Seattle.


Piercings were popular but not extreme, wooden and metal jewellery with charms, crucifixes and CND motifs were popular too, worn separately or all at once.We’re talking plaid shirts or dresses worn over torn jeans, sweaters and dark colours which were de rigeur, and you were never seen in clothes that looked brand new. Jeans were baggy rather than skinny, with converse trainers, doc martins and combat boots.

Grunge make-up

Eyes were dark and smudged looking with matching dark red lips. Hair, loose and unkempt rather than clean, straightened and glossy looking.For men, plaid shirts, sneakers and hoodies were matched with messy hair and worn out t-shirts. Although for women, this look largely disappeared until last year, for men it’s still going strong, with many still favouring this relaxed and untidy look. 2014 saw a revival of Vintage 90s grunge fashion for women and as we all know, punk, grunge and metal are always making a comeback, so if you feel it’s a look you could really see yourself in then why not?

21st century grunge

It’s not a difficult look to achieve and if you really want to mix it up with contemporary clothes then go for it. There are no hard and fast rules, so if you want to bring Vintage 90s grunge fashion into the 21st century with skinny jeans, and a few branded beanies then go for it.What’s more it’s an inexpensive look to aspire to, and this is where vintage really comes into its own where grunge is concerned, because it’s an era that’s really not that far behind us and there’s a lot of 90s vintage clothes out that can be easily sourced, if you look hard enough.

2014 and 2015 has seen a Vintage 90s grunge fashion comeback

Also, it really does feel that Vintage 90s grunge fashion is coming back for women as well as men, with a more glamorous edge than before, with a few more details to add to the look, proving that the subgenre of rock can easily been blended in to today’s current looks.


In today’s grunge we’re looking at mixing it with military, indie or hipster and giving it a whole new, fresh look. We’re looking at a less messy grunge, but a sleeker version with elements of softer make-up and hair.With grunge being such a popular, relaxed and versatile look it’s highly unlikely it’ll ever go out of style and that’s just as well for those of us who love grunge.Take a look around Blue17 and seek out a truly authentic grunge look and then mix and match with contemporary pieces for a bang on trend style.


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Kurt Cobain – By Курт Кобейн [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons – The original-Kurt Cobain

Seattle Grunge girl
Metal and shades
Contemporary Grunge look-Camille Coraz—n
Natrual cool grunge look