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Where To Buy 90s Clothes

August 21, 2022

90s fashion and clothes are no stranger to anyone, but the vast amount of genres and styles out there make it difficult to know where to buy 90s pieces. We can help!

What Are 90s Clothes And Where Can I Buy Them?


Let’s Talk About The 90s

The 90s. You either lived through them, or you’ve heard enough about them to understand why people love that decade so much. The Parent Trap (double Lindsay Lohan talent, anyone?!), the Spice Girls, Greenday, the Game Boy, very bad Batman movies, Pokémon, boy bands (Take That and Boyzone, just to name a few)… There’s no denying that the 90s delivered a lot when it comes to pop culture and influences.
But what about the clothing?


What Are 90s Clothes Like – And Where Can I Buy Them?

90s clothes span a whole bunch of different genres, styles and niches.

You’ve got punk, grunge, hip hop, pop, and plaid (I don’t think that’s a genre, but I’ll admit that I don’t know what genre to put it into…). You’ve got your leather biker jackets, your baggy jeans, your snapback caps, your high-top sneakers, combat boots, butterfly clips, slip dresses, overalls (with one strap down, of course), scrunchies… The list is endless!


And when it comes to sourcing 90s clothing nowadays, you’ll never be short of places to buy the most perfect, iconic 90s clothes. It can be hard though, when there’s so much choice – with physical stores having such a strong online presence now, it can be difficult to know where to begin.
So where do you start? Let’s have a look.


Buying At Thrift Shops

Thrift shops (or charity shops, depending on the organization and local terminology) are a sure-fire way to find where to buy 90s clothes. Maybe it won’t always be what you’re looking for (I don’t care what anyone says, double denim just never works anymore), but you’ll definitely have a wide variety of clothes to choose from. Not only will you find authentic pieces at a bargain price, but you’ll be doing your bit to help sustainability. Thrift and charity shops help people to recycle their old clothing; so not only are you giving some stylish 90s fashion a new home, but you’re helping reduce clothes and textile waste. A win-win!


90s Clothes on Amazon has taken the world by storm in recent years, and it’s for good reason. This giant of an online retailing platform gives you the opportunity not only to search for 90s crop tops, hip hop snapbacks and bomber jackets to your heart’s content, but to scan through multiple sellers at once as you filter through your search results. Amazon gives you the chance to buy 90s clothes directly from the seller themselves, making it a cheaper transaction than you may find generally on high-street stores. Add in the chance of getting free shipping, and you’ll be able to buy the best 90s clothes for a fraction of the price!


Buy on Etsy

Etsy! Have you used it when looking where to buy 90s clothes? Don’t worry if you haven’t – I only discovered it during the Covid-19 lockdowns, and in terms of my wardrobe, it’s been my best 90s fashion treasure trove to date.


So what is Etsy? Etsy is an online retailing space, where independent creators and small businesses can sell their own creations, clothes and crafts. In terms of textile waste and surplus clothing going to landfills, Etsy eliminates the problem – each piece is made or distributed by the creator themselves, ensuring less excess waste and a happier planet.


Do you have a particular niche area of 90s fashion that you’d like to buy? Maybe it’s clothes from an ad you saw in your childhood, or a subgenre that doesn’t really have a fashion presence? No problem. Etsy has creators that can make your dream 90s clothing to order.
It’s pretty great.


Depop – Try Buy!

Depop has entered the global stage only recently, but that makes it no less of an impressive platform. In a similar way to Etsy, Depop strives to make the buying and selling of clothes less wasteful and more inclusive. Sellers can list items from their own wardrobes that they no longer wear, ensuring that the clothes go to a good home and don’t get thrown away.


Depop is a goldmine for 90s fashion: I’ve seen incredible pairs of overalls, crop top sets, and biker jackets on there, and that’s just to name a few. Consider it an online thrift shop of sorts, except many of the pieces are iconic 90s couture.

Just have a browse – you won’t regret it!


Where To Buy 90s Clothes, Shoes, Everything, on ASOS

ASOS is an online smorgasbord of clothes, gifts and beauty care – and that’s no bad thing. As well as having its own signature brand, ASOS also retails for over 850 other brands, making it the definition of a team player.


Though this article is focusing on where to buy 90s clothes, ASOS carries many other styles, decades and genres as well. Whatever your poison, ASOS can provide!

And if you’re a little like me and aren’t too good at styling a whole outfit together, ASOS has you covered. They offer complete sets of 90s clothes (pre-styled and matched together), so that if you’re searching for an iconic 90s look without the hassle, all you need to do is click for delivery.


One downside to ASOS is that due to their massive online collection, it can be difficult to navigate through the many clothes available. Keep this in mind if you decide to have a browse – you may need to set aside some time to do so!
If you’re into 90s footwear such as Converse, combat boots and high-top sneakers, keep a close eye on ASOS’s shoe selection. You’re bound to find some treasures!


Missguided’s 90s Denim

Baggy jeans à la the hip hop vibe from the 90s are not only difficult to find, but they can be expensive to buy too. Luckily, Missguided is here to help.
Missguided are a shop from the United Kingdom (though they have a very strong online retailing presence that ships to many countries) who sell clothes to fit the needs of women from age 16 to 35. Their denim selection is not only sufficient, but exceptional: think 90s denim overalls, denim dresses, and of course, the 90s hip hop baggy jeans that we love and crave.

I’d definitely recommend checking them out.


Where To Buy 90s Clothes – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has had a reputation over the years for being pretty pricey (both online and in their physical stores), but their prices have dropped in recent years. This not only makes them more inclusive and accessible to shop in, but also opens the doors for the myriad of 90s clothes they have to offer – and we’ve definitely been missing out!


What are you in the market for? A bucket hat? A cropped sweatshirt? A graphic t-shirt? No matter your object of desire, Urban Outfitters has you covered. Not only is their selection of 90s clothes extensive and fun, but it’s much more affordable too.


If you’d like to bag a further bargain, check out their sales page: you can get some really cute 90s clothes (like bomber jackets or crop tops) for a fraction of their original price.

Definitely worth a look!


90s Shoes: Try Converse

Over the decades, Converse has become a household name, and it’s hard to ignore why. From low-top to over-the-knee, Converse shoes have a style to suit any occasion – and any preference.


Converse shoes have been iconic for years, and it’s difficult to imagine the era of 90s clothes without them. They’re the capstone to any outfit: pair them with a pair of acid-wash jeans or a cute slip dress for the ultimate 90s vibe.


So Now What?

90s fashion and clothes are about self-expression, creativity and being your most authentic self. I’ve given you a list of retailers here today that may scratch the 90s itch that you have – but don’t let that limit you! Whatever your style preference, whatever your genre, there’s some 90s clothes out there somewhere just waiting for you to buy them and give them a loving home.


If you’re stuck for ideas, pick a staple and work around it: 90s clothes are big spearheads for styling an outfit around a particular garment.


Try a leather biker jacket paired with a white crop top, acid wash jeans and some combat boots or Converse for a more grungy look.


If you prefer a more feminine vibe, try a sheer slip dress with a bomber jacket and some high-top sneakers for a punchy 90s statement.


And if you’d really like to pay homage to the incredible stylings that the 90s has given to us, why not try a matching funky-print set of a crop top and trousers? Pair it with some color-pop boots/heels and some chunky accessories, and you have a look that’s guaranteed to turn some heads (in a good way!) and make you feel like the main character you are.
Whatever your preference, the 90s have you covered. Have fun!