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80s fashion ideas and links to retailer sites to find them

September 25, 2019

Find jelly shoes, fanny packs, high waisted jeans and pants and so many other trendy 80s fashion ideas at a variety of virtual marketplaces, all at your fingertips.


If you are looking to rock some 80s fashion with your current wardrobe, read on for lots of great 80s fashion ideas and links to retailer sites where you can source the top 80s fashion trends that are alive and well today.

TV presenter Craig Wilde and punk icon Toyah Wilcox photographed together, Newcastle, 2012

TV presenter Craig Wilde and punk icon Toyah Wilcox photographed together, Newcastle, 2012

80s fashion ideas unlimited!

You can also find inspiration for your 80s fashion ideas and 80s fashion choices in the bricks-and-mortar world, so your options really are unlimited. There are so many options for you to find and buy 80s fashion online, fuelled by the top 80s fashion ideas that are timeless and nostalgic all at once.


Peruse these links to retailer sites and you will be more than satisfied with your editorially chosen products purchased at these curated marketplaces.

Many of these virtual marketplaces offer affiliate marketing programs and paid commissions on editorially selected options that are curated especially for you.


Virtual magazines under the Hearst digital media banner offer you key 80s fashion ideas and will let you know up front that they “receive commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links”, so you are an informed consumer.


As an informed consumer, do some comparison shopping of your own for products inspired by 80s fashion ideas at the sites below:

80s fashion ideas in New Orleans Bourbon Street the week before Mardi Gras.1987

New Orleans Bourbon Street the week before Mardi Gras.1987


Rusty Zipper
  • Rusty Zipper offers a highly specialized curation of 80s fashion, covering the key throwback accessory trends of authentic original fanny packs, neon-bright jelly shoes and brightly-patterned scrunchies to complete your big hair


You will also find all the expected 80s fashion ideas from power suits, to puffy-sleeved padded shoulder dresses, to whimsical pieces like leg warmers ala Jane Fonda, aprons and hats.


Get your 80s fashion ideas inspiration going with throwback styles, fabrics and prints that take you back to 80s fashion but mash-up so well with your current pieces as you rock the retro-modern look in your every day.

Tracy Pollan and her husband, actor Michael J. Fox, at the Emmy Awards. 1988

Tracy Pollan and her husband, actor Michael J. Fox, at the Emmy Awards. 1988

  • Etsy’s marketplace inspired by 80s fashion ideas is another great place to source one-of-a-kind vintage 80s fashion options at a full range of price points to suit every budget.


Your editorially chosen products purchased from Etsy guarantee you will be rocking a look that no-one else in your social network has in their closet.


Go all-out with a head-to-look inspired by 80s fashion ideas, from big hair down to jelly shoes.


Or pick one or two special pieces like high waisted jeans that you can pair with your classic white T-shirt and white trainers for an on-trend yet timeless look.

 Stephen Donaldson, aka Donny the Punk, Robert Anthony Martin, Oakland, California, July 1984

Stephen Donaldson, aka Donny the Punk, Robert Anthony Martin, Oakland, California, July 1984

  • If you are in the market for modern spins inspired by 80s fashion ideas that leverage today’s advanced technology in fabrication, production and durability, check out Modcloth’s 80s fashion


Modcloth’s 80s fashion reinventions are all about whimsy, throwback style and retro-modern spins on 80s fashion ideas.


You can totally rock these whimsical retro finds with modern accessories or coordinated current pieces and have a top-to-toe look that is uniquely you


Look for a range of choices from shoes to jewellery to hair accessories to 80s fashion clothes that you can wear all together for a head-to-toe vintage 80s fashion look, or mash-up with the modern pieces already in your closet for a fashion savvy take on throwback style.


  • Asos is known for bringing together sellers and buyers from around the globe, so you can be sure you will find 80s fashion ideas and 80s fashion from varied perspectives, cultures and places from around the world.


So, go global in your search for 80s fashion ideas on Asos and check out everything they have to offer you, from upmarket designer glam wear for parties, fancy dress events or formal evenings out, to fast fashion streetwear for downtown casual chic.

Mercy Rule, Detroit, Michigan, 1989

Mercy Rule, Detroit, Michigan, 1989

80s fashion ideas local inspiration and realization


Besides a wealth of 80s fashion ideas and 80s fashion purchasing options online, you can also find your inspiration and vintage, one-of-a-kind products in your neighbourhood stores.


Head on down to your local thrift stores and treasure-hunt through the 80s fashion racks to find original 80s fashion dresses, blouses, pants, high waisted jeans and all other kinds of one-off fashion finds just waiting to be brought to life again with your own personal style touch.


Not only do your local thrift stores offer you the excitement of the 80s fashion treasure hunt, the originality of authentic 80s fashion pieces but also at price points you cannot beat anywhere else, plus the feel-good vibe of re-use and re-cycle ideals put into practice.


If you are in the market for some high-end, high-quality designer 80s fashion, check out your main street consignment stores where you will find highly curated garments and accessories of only the highest quality, best condition and with global brand names.


Expect to pay more for these finds, but then also expect to get a high usage value for your investment, as these pieces will stand the test of time and style, and you will wear them again and again.


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