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30s Fashion – Hollywood Glamour

June 12, 2016

The 30s was the epitome of glamour. Hollywood starlets such as Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn ruled the screens with stylish and sexy silhouettes and clothing accentuated a women’s figure rather than hiding it away under practical styles. Designers opted for provocative looks including sensual backless styles and the halterneck was introduced to the 30s fashion market.

30s fashion – Hollywood Glamour

30s fashion was nestled between war and the crash on Wall Street so Hollywood fashion influence gave a glimmer of hope to people that still had to show restraint when spending on non essentials.

There were key looks that highlighted this glamorous era and showcased a variety of elegant yet sexy style. Take a look at these key looks of 30s fashion.

Art deco prints in 30s fashion

This iconic 20s inspiration was still prevalent in 30s fashion with all over prints emblazoned on blouses, scarves and dresses.

30s fashion – Costume Jewellery

Due to a decade of people choosing affordable fashion, an age of costume jewellery was born. You could enhance your style with beautiful jewellery and look like your favourite screen starlets with affordable styles including glass and enamel pieces.

Fashionable Fur

Although not as popular in today’s society, fur was seen as luxury statement item. Often worn as outerwear including coats, capes and stoles, these pieces were made from different pelts including fox, mink, ermine and chinchilla.

Greta Garbo 1925

Greta Garbo 1925

Glamorous gowns and elegant style

For the ultimate in flirty 30s fashion style, backless gowns were a popular evening-wear choice. Draped designs reigned supreme with satin fabrics and bare shoulders creating a sexy and feminine look. New cuts in fabric started to appear in the form of diagonal shaping, this naturally highlighted a ladies silhouette by clinging elegantly and forming a pretty, delicate look.

Sportswear influences

This decade saw women taking on more outdoor activities including golf and this spurred an influence in athletic styles in 30s fashion.   Soft wool jersey fabrics suits were created by Coco Chanel and casual styles were worn to give a comfortable yet stylish look for daywear.

Modern twists

Trying to find 30s fashion vintage pieces may be slightly harder than your younger vintage counterparts.   This era is truly special and may give you an ideal opportunity to purchase an investment piece. Other fashion pieces include rayon dresses and blouses, this man-made textile in the 30s gave an affordable choice for fashion and was readily available. If you want to look like a Hollywood film star, then choosing an elegant 30s vintage style is the perfect choice. It’s a fabulous choice for stunning evening-wear and teaming with a statement hairstyle, killer heels and red lips will give you screen siren style with a modern twist.


Bette Davis

Art Deco print

Barbara Hutton

Greta Garbo

Stunning backless styles

30s Leisure wear