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Imitating fashion in the 80s pictures just got easier!

July 20, 2019

From gangsters in high waisted pants, to leading ladies in flowing gowns, fashion in the 80s pictures inspired many in their formal and casual wardrobe choices. 

Typically, art imitates fashion. But when it came to fashion in the 80s pictures, there’s no doubt about who imitated whom. The 80s fashion trend was defined by the pictures and diligently copied by leading designers.

Prince performs onstage in ireland

Prince performs onstage in ireland

Shouldering the brunt of 80s fashion trend

The 80s was an era where the pictures inspired fashion designers to create fresh and sometimes daring pieces. One of those daring creations is likely the shoulder pads. Supported by movie divas like Joan Collins, these simple inserts gave on-screen female characters a power-look that many female audience members craved for.


And it was craving that look that inspired period 1980s fashion designers to jump on the bandwagon. Inspired by fashion in the 80s pictures, designers like Georgio Armani, Anne Klein and Ralph Lauren were pioneers that created new pieces of power-wear that imitated what divas like Joan Collins (Dynasty) and Melanie Griffith (Working Girl) featured – complete with shoulder pads.


But it wasn’t just fashion in the 80s pictures worn by female stars that got designer creative juices to flow. While the leading ladies had their fair share of influence on the wardrobes of millions around the world, male celebrities like Prince should also be credited for propelling shoulder pads into the limelight of catwalks world over.

Two models with wide shoulder padding, Claude Montana, 1979

Two models with wide shoulder padding, Claude Montana, 1979

Powering fashion designer inspiration

And while fashion in the 80s pictures had a profound influence on what women and men wore on the streets, it also inspired some powerful world leaders in their dress choices.


Who can forget the power suits worn by Britain’s Maggie Thatcher? Some may say that it was those suits that are a defining characteristic of her leadership. That may be true, but those Hollywood-inspired suits and shoulder pads definitely brought more women to prominence in workplaces, boardrooms and in positions of power.

Ali wears 80s wide shouldered denim jacket from Blue17, London

Ali wears 80s wide shouldered denim jacket

Fashion in the 80s pictures power dressing

And speaking of powerful images from fashion in the 80s pictures inspiring wardrobes of celebrities – let’s not forget the influence that shoulder pads and power suits had on how Princess Di dressed. In fact, many leading fashion designers capitalised on the fashion-conscious Princesses’ wardrobe choices to then come up with design ideas of their own.


There’s no denying it – fashion in the 80s pictures continues to inspire some of the most prolific catwalk inspirations – even today. Marc Jacob’s Spring 2019 collection features one 80s fashion trend that never died – the coat with oversized shoulders, beefed up with shoulder pads!


And while the movies from the 80s and 1990s inspired “sombre” creations, mostly in dark blue, black and grey shades, today’s power suits feature bright vibrant colours (you’ll see them in colours as outrageous as mustard!) and paper bag shorts. But they all feature one characteristic from fashion in the 80s pictures – the indominable shoulder pads!

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