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Where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes

September 30, 2023

Looking for where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes? Explore where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes in 2023, featuring top locations offering a vast array of vintage clothes at unbeatable prices.



Ask us who made our dress, skirt, shoes, or even bag, and we’ll usually say, “It’s a vintage piece we bought!” Vintage clothes have become a massive fashion trend¹ due to the recent increase in online fashion trends (especially Y2K), online vintage clothing retailers, and charity shops. If you’re just getting started with vintage fashion and want to buy vintage pieces, here are tips to get some of the best deals and directions to popular online stores and marketplaces with hidden collections of thrift² clothing and accessories for a lot less money than you might have thought.


Top 8 cheap places to buy vintage clothes

Here are the top 8 places to buy cheap vintage clothes:

Where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes – eBay

EBay headquarters

EBay headquarters

Interested in unique vintage and preloved pieces for cheap? eBay is a goldmine for vintage apparel. This online vintage store facilitates a customer-to-customer relationship that helps keep every participant (both the sellers and buyers) in check, secures transactions, and ensures the safety of funds. You can get almost anything ranging from a 1970s women’s jacket to vintage Vans sneakers from millions of vendors worldwide with varying prices.


Although shopping on an online vintage store like eBay does not give the same atmosphere as visiting a genuine vintage shop, it is almost alike as the huge range of choices create that chaotic environment you experience once you step into a thrift store.


Mabel_Ringling in_riding clothes-Sarasota,Florida, 1947

Mabel_Ringling in_riding clothes-Sarasota,Florida, 1947

Compared to eBay, which looks like a jungle of vintage clothes, Etsy is quite different as it is curated properly for easy shopping. Etsy is that online market for shopping for vintage items. Some vendors sell their handcrafted items, vintage household products, and trinkets, and when it comes to where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes product listings, Etsy has something for everyone in every price range. You can get gorgeous dresses, ruffled blouses, tweed jackets, and vintage jeans for almost free.


Beyond Retro

If you’re searching for vintage items from a business with a long history of sustainability, Beyond Retro is your go-to destination. Beyond Retro engages in upcycled vintage collection and uses eco-friendly packaging as they pursue a goal of reducing, reusing, and reclaiming 10 billion goods to promote sustainability.


It is home to an archival clothing resource that provides industry clients with authentic vintage fashion³ prints. There are countless alternatives, ranging from men’s Hawaiian-style shirts to paisley blouses and even leather jackets from the 1960s. Beyond Retro has vintage apparel from every decade of the 20th century, and the best part is every item sold in a Beyond Retro store was originally given to a charity. For interested fashionistas in the UK, free delivery is available on orders over £75.



50s vintage look

50s vintage look

If you need an online store that sells all your Pinterest vintage saves, look no further for where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes than Depop. Depop is home to over 30 million sellers, stylists, designers, collectors, creatives, and influencers worldwide. On Depop, used, vintage, and reused apparel make up most of the merchandise, as users can sell products by posting images of them to their profiles along with descriptions, hashtags, and prices. PayPal is often the preferred payment method that users can use, although there are other alternative payment methods you can use.


Celebrities have resold their products on depop, some of whom donated the earnings to charitable organizations. So, what more could you ask for from a company that claims to “make fashion less wasteful” than Depop?

Where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes – Charity Shops



Often overlooked, charity stores are key locations where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes. Despite recent price increases, you can still find reasonably priced gems, especially in affluent neighborhoods.This will help you breed familiarity with the staff and get first-hand information about budget-friendly new products. Additionally, visit charity stores⁴ in wealthy neighborhoods, as they will likely have premium thrift apparel like vintage designer bags and accessories.


Vestiaire Collective

Where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes - Afterlife Boutique, San Francisco

Afterlife Boutique, San Francisco

Do you desire luxury brands like Gucci and Prada? Have you ever thought of raiding your favorite celebrity closet to get a glimpse of their taste in fashion? The Vestiaire Collective can legally help you raid their closet and also enable you to live a life of luxury you’ve always wanted. They have high-end designers’ vintage pieces that are expertly curated, and the best part is that each item is checked for quality and authenticity before being sold, so you get your money’s worth.


From vintage Levi’s jeans to evening wear, they have one of the broadest selections of vintage designer clothing available online that we have ever seen. Although costs vary depending on what you’re looking for, they have something for everybody and is one of the best places to buy vintage clothes.  Vestiaire Collective is an excellent online thrift store that offers thrifting options for kids’ clothing, men’s clothing, bags, eco-friendly watches, jewelry, shoes, and athletic gear.



Where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes - Lee Work Clothes, 1945

Lee Work Clothes, 1945

Poshmark is a social marketplace where users can buy and sell new and used clothing, home products, and electronics. With over 200 million products available, the platform has over 80 million users that serve ladies, men, kids, pets, and anybody looking for where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes online thrift store home decor. They have everything, and regardless of the selection size, you can still search for what you need. Additionally, Poshmark promotes bargaining as some Poshers’ (vendors or sellers on Poshmark) overly inflate the prices of goods — the platform’s “offer/counter-offer” function encourages customers to bargain.


Where are cheap places to buy vintage clothes – Goodfair

Like many international clothing business owners, Goodfair purchases its inventory from companies that recycle clothing from organizations The Salvation Army. They collect goods for men and women that would otherwise end up in landfills, do quality checks on them, and then send the products on their way to have a “new” life. Although individual clothes are available, bundles are the norm. Their daily product releases mean that the bundles are in high demand, so customers are advised to join the email list as soon as the products and bundles are released.