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Mens 1970s vintage jackets

April 7, 2015

When considering mens 1970s vintage jackets, there’s two groups of people:those into Saturday Night Fever disco-tripping shiny sequined polyester, and those who saw the Thomas Crown Affair.


Those that subscribe to the happy-clappy, tambourine playing, Pucci wearing Seventies are missing out on an entirely sublime dimension of the era: the immaculate dresser with a wicked twist.


Perfection of mens 1970s vintage jackets in The Thomas Crown Affair


Nothing against men in lavender who like to rock a good platform boot, their lapels touching lamp posts;


but if you want to dig deep into the timeless masculinity and luxury, there’s nothing like Steve Mcqueen in immaculately cut three piece suits, in one of the most stylish films of all time.


Quite simply, mens 1970s vintage jackets don’t come any more desirable than this.


The suits, like the grey Prince of Wales glen plaid one, are cut to perfection and worn with shirts and ties ranging from lilac of Naples sky to antique gold.


Untouchably corrupt, Mcqueen accessorises with gold Patek Philippe watches, Persol shades, mother of pearl cufflinks and pastel-clad Faye Dunaway in his orbit.


Luxury, audacity and meticulous attention to detail are the crux of the style, which is reflected in some of the best mens 1970s vintage jackets. Every frame of the film offers nostalgia for the cinematic past, habits and ethos of the time.

Internationalism of mens 1970s vintage jackets

Yves Saint Laurent could have had Mcqueen in mind when he pronounced that ‘fashion fades, style is eternal’.


By combining European menswear with American casual workwear (mixing brands such as Lee and Wrangler alongside European classics Belstaff, Rigards and Persol), Mcqueen creates the laid-back internationalism later carried over in collections by Ralph Lauren and Armani.


Mens 1970s vintage jackets can, contrary to the popular belief, exude good sartorial taste: the waist suppression of jackets offers a boyish figure, whereas structured shoulders and solid roping betray classic British tailoring.

Impeccable tailoring of mens 1970s vintage jackets

Note the impeccable charcoal three piece suit, worn with a subtly striped shirt, a collar pin and a four-in-hand knotted, double pleated tie.


The point of the collar pin is to prevent the collar from rolling up but also to accentuate the tie, as it props up the silk knot and exposes its texture.


Tie bars, lapel and collar pins put further attention on the tie knot, worn by the likes of Roger Sterling of Mad Men fame; this is subtle grown-up fashion worn with rakish, slightly cynical playboy style.

Relaxed wear

More relaxed appropriations of the style would see mens 1970s vintage jackets worn more flamboyantly, with unbuttoned or Eton collar shirts, with a pair of plimsols, tailored in soft suede, linen or subdued (but not shiny!) velvet.


For the 70s rock god style, swap men’s shirt for a soft blousy top, or just wear your carefully assembled collection of mens 1970s vintage jackets with contrasting flares and dandy skinny fit jeans.


Mcqueen offers a meditation on timeless style, but live in the moment and make it your own.





Striped shirt with a collar pin and a double pleated tie

Mcqueen classic Persol shades

Thomas Crown Affair pastel shades

Thomas Crown Affair Mcqueen style

Steve Mcqueen in three piece Prince of Wales glen plaid suit

Thomas Crown Affair brown suit and collar pin

Mcqueen casual wear