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10 Ways to Rock Your Nova Check Skirt

February 25, 2020

When you see the classic checkered material of the Nova Check Skirt, you know the brand. The soft Scottish tartan colours, from Apple Red to Pale Taupe and Sonic Silver, are as memorable as the London Eye. Needless to say, Burberry itself has become one of the most important British brands in modern history.

Model to right wears Burberry brand nova check skirt

Model to right wears Burberry brand nova check skirt

How did the iconic Burberry brand and nova check skirt come about?

Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, a draper in Basingstoke, the brand is perhaps most famous for its outdoor attire, specifically, the classic checkered trench coat. The trenchcoat itself was adapted to meet the needs of the military while they served in the trenches during WW1. After the war, Burberry continued to rise in prominence and popularity.


Typically waterproof, Burberry became famous for being both practical and trendy. In the 1920s, the checkered aspect was introduced to the Burberry brand, and before long, Burberry was mass-producing all types of clothing and accessories, from hats and scarves to boots and skirts.

The Burberry brand rapidly became not only one of the most recognizable patterns in the world, but also one of the most luxurious. The nova check skirt became popularised by mainstream media in the 1990s, specifically by the films “Clueless” and “Mean Girls”, and was also rocked by the beloved Rachel in the timeless sitcom, “Friends”.


The classic nova check skirt was immediately associated with schoolgirl attire, but soon morphed into a more iconic symbol of femininity. In 2020, however, the nova check skirt is far from that traditional staple of girliness. Women near and far are rocking the skirt in multiple ways, pairing it with androgynous shirts and boots. There is no limitation on how to rock your nova check skirt.

Burberry Nova checked skirt and 30s silk velvet cape

Burberry Nova checked skirt and 30s silk velvet cape

So what are the top wardrobe must-haves for nova check skirts?

Stylish capes

A brown flowing cape like our model is wearing works well with a longer nova check skirt, and gives a fun and flowing bohemian vibe to your look. Tie your cape at the neckline for added sophistication and rock some chunky boots while you’re at it – the tartan is begging to be worn with pieces that you wouldn’t normally think would go well with it! The risk is worth the reward.

Thigh high boots

The thigh high boot is a perfect choice if you’re thinking of rocking a shorter, mini nova check skirt, like the one seen in the cult classic, Clueless. Thigh high boots are perfect because they elongate the legs and add some high fashion flare to your look. Want to take it up a notch? Look for a chunky boot with a thick and taller heel, to give you a boost of height. The colours you should shoot for are black, white, or tan, to match well with the tones of your nova check skirt.

Red Burberry London Coat

Red Burberry London Coat

Ripped tights

Looking to fulfill the grunge rocker vibe? Perhaps you’re going out to a concert or grabbing some drinks in trendy Hackney. A night out is begging for a nova check skirt with a pair of black ripped tights, to add a perfect juxtaposition of sophistication and rocker sheek. In the land of London, it’s always fun to play both sides of the fashion field, and take the risk of matching two pieces that wouldn’t historically go together. Take the plunge and dive into some ripped tights to add some needed pizzaz to your outfit.

A High-waisted belt with a Nova Check Skirt

A high-waisted belt suits a nova check skirt perfectly because it works to cinch the waist and create an enviable hourglass figure. Whether it’s a thin metallic belt or a thicker studded belt to add some rock and roll flare, a high-waisted belt could the secret sauce to bring your outfit to the next level. A belt is always the perfect final accessory for a completed look – and helps give you the feminine silhouette you might be after.

Model with Nova Check Skirt Enjoying Burberry with friend

Enjoying Burberry together

Baggy t-shirt and Nova Check Skirt

Not after the classic hourglass look? Good, because that can get boring after a while! Why not match your nova check skirt with a baggy t-shirt and some combat boots to give it the grunge feel it deserves? Rock a designer or band t-shirt, the opportunities with t-shirts are endless and can be a massive staple piece to your entire outfit. If you’re not into the baggy look, you can always tie your t-shirt at the waist to minimize the bagginess and create a more feminine style.


People may expect you to wear something more expensive with your burberry skirt, but that doesn’t need to be the case at all. Matching it with a thrift shop shirt or a ripped tank top is just another way to carve your own style into the outfit and rid yourself of tradition and expectation. So go on and rock your t-shirt with confidence alongside your burberry skirt!

Ladies Brown Burberry polo shirt

Ladies Brown Burberry polo shirt

The Nova Check Skirt and Combat boots

This is an all time favourite for us at Blue 17 Vintage! The classic black combat book can complete any look, adding a trendy and grungy vibe to the overall appearance of the nova check skirt. The first true combat boots were first worn in the military during WWII, and have since been molded and sculpted to accommodate all types of climate and terrain around the world.


In 2020, the combat boot still stands the test of time and is signature footwear for the trendy Brit. The combat boot pairs perfectly with your more girly nova check skirt, giving it the attitude it needs to make a true statement.




Women's cream vintage burberry raincoat from Blue17

Women’s cream vintage burberry raincoat from Blue17

Trench coat

Who doesn’t love a good trench coat? Burberry knows a thing or two about this classic number, with their signature piece being the Burberry trench coat. The trench coast also owes its origins to the war, being created to offer a means of protection to officers in the trenches during WWI and offering some relief from the rain with their waterproof feature. A women’s trench coat is a perfect partner for your nova check skirt. Tie it at the waist and pop your collar if you’re really going for the sophisticated look. You might even throw in some aviator-like sunglasses to really pull off the ‘high flyer’ aesthetic.

Ladies Bright Blue Burberry Polo Shirt

Ladies Bright Blue Burberry Polo Shirt

Polo neck and Nova Check Skirt

A classic polo neck, or ‘turtle neck’ is always a perfect pairing for your burberry skirt. Find one that is tighter fitting so you can easily tuck it into your nova check skirt and create a seamless waistline. To complement the classic Burberry palette, try wearing white, black, grey or brown shades. Neutral shades tend to mesh better with the skirt, to help balance out the attention of the outfit and keep the focal point at the skirt.


The polo neck has been around for decades, first making a strong appearance in the 1920s as a middle-class fashion trend for the male population. With the rise of feminism, polo necks swiftly became a staple for women as well, and have been ever since.

Tartan Flat Cap

If you’re really looking to channel the whole ‘stylish detective’ look, you can’t miss out on the chance to rock a flat cap or tartan beret with your nova check skirt. If you’re rocking tartan on bottom, why not pair it with tartan on top?


Also rising to fame in the 1920’s, flat caps were a fashion statement originally made by men and soon adopted by women. But they’ve been around much longer than that! Invented in the 14th century, flat caps were spotted everywhere in Northern England. A checkered flat cap or bonnet would be the cherry on top of your overall look, while simultaneously protecting your hair from the winter elements. What’s not to love?

The Nova Check Skirt and Red Lip

Last but certainly not least, what’s not to love about the classic red lip matched with your beautiful nova check skirt? The finishing touch to most outfits, it’s impossible to miss out on a red lip when going on a night out or out for dinner. The little burst of red would fit well with the more neutral tones of the nova check skirt, giving your outfit the little flare it needs to truly stand out in the crowd.


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