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Womens Vintage Footwear

February 8, 2015

Womens Vintage Footwear is the perfect finishing touch for any vintage (or vintage inspired) outfit.

If you’re a perfectionist, finding the right shoes from the right time period makes you feel like you’ve got everything right, down to the last detail.

Vintage Womens shoes, boots, trainers

That applies whether you’re in a re-enactment society, doing all you can to look like you’re at a Jane Austen ball (though it’s true, dancing slippers from the Eighteenth Century are quite hard to come by) or if you just like dressing up, Fifties or Sixties style.

60's Black patent leather buckled shoes

60’s Black patent leather buckled shoes

Collecting Womens Vintage Footwear

Other people are not drawn to collecting vintage clothing in general, or ever intend to wear their womens vintage footwear. These connoisseurs keep their eyes open for examples from a particular label or designer, and will pounce on shoes by them whatever the size.


One notable collector had a whole case of tiny, fragile Roger Vivier shoes which she bought at auction at great expense. They were far too small for her, and in any case would surely have disintegrated had anyone so much as slipped a big toe inside. They were beautiful and she just wanted to look at them, like a fine artwork.

So Which Womens Vintage Footwear Labels Should I Look For?

Whatever Womens vintage footwear rocks your boat and gets you excited. Because if you really enjoy a designer or an era, or a particular kind of shoe, you’ll be drawn to learn all about it, and whether you want to sell it and make money, or simply have the perfect collection, you’ll be in the best position to do so.


This can apply to all types of shoes: a pair of Nike’s Air Yeezy 2 sneakers was won for $90,300 a couple of years ago, and pristine shoes from this brand of a desirable design regularly sell for thousands. Others prefer to buy Chanel, Dior or the aforementioned Roger Vivier.

Iconic Womens Vintage Footwear

Some like to buy iconic pieces of footwear in order to study them and take inspiration so that they can design new shoes of their own.

princess Midivani diamante heeled evening shoes

princess Midivani diamante heeled evening shoes


Vintage Footwear once owned by princess Midivani

Vintage Footwear once owned by princess Midivani

Other Uses

Womens Vintage Footwear does not necessarily have to have a fancy label attached, though, or be in great condition.You may want to add them as a detail in your décor – a pair of old ice skates, tied at the laces and slung over a chair give a room a rustic look, or pretty pastel high heels make a boudoir look suitably girly. If you’re drawn to Victoriana, a pair of high button boots makes a statement.

Mad on shoes

If you’re totally mad on shoes, you can also find plenty of shoe shaped objects to tickle your fancy, vintage or otherwise.You can get shoe shaped jewellery, handbags and even furniture, as well as ornaments in every material – crystal, fabric, plastic, wood, porcelain… If you want to avoid any kind of kitsch effect, look out for vintage silver gelatin photographs featuring shoes and feet.


Man Ray and Claude Cahun took some great pictures of shop fronts selling shoes, and you’ll find lots of interesting paintings or posters featuring your favourite kinds of footwear too.



1930’s Fetish boots, shoes, heels, by Claude Cahun, 1936