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Womens Vintage Coats – 5 Ladies vintage coat styles for winter

February 14, 2015

Buying womens vintage coats is a really good idea, because the quality is often so much higher than the coats that you find on the High street today. In addition to this, most styles are very classic and don’t look out-of-place for daily wear.


And one more advantage is that because coats don’t get washed very often, they aren’t subject to the damage that this causes, such as shrinking and fading.

Womens Vintage Coats – What style?

Look at film stars for Womens vintage coats inspiration. If you aspire to be a chic and neat Audrey Hepburn, may I suggest a trench coat? The details of this style haven’t changed much since it first arrived, and you can get a vintage Burberry trench for a fraction of the price of a new one, without worrying that it will look old-fashioned. It will look just about the same. These are good for Spring and warmer weather.


If you want to look chic, rich and mysterious like Marlene Dietrich in your Womens vintage coat, try a vintage fur coat. There are mixed opinions on vintage fur, with people often feeling that it has quite an advantage over the freshly produced sort. But if you’re keen, they’re certainly warm. Style wise, try it on, because some vintage furs, especially 70s and 80s ones can be quite boxy and look bulky. Make sure that the lining is in good condition and that it doesn’t moult. Fake fur coats were popular in the 60s, so look out for one of those if you like the look or feel or fur, but not where it comes from. Fur coats, for obvious reasons, work best in winter.

photo of Marlene Dietrich for the film No Highway, 1951

Hats and fur – photo of Marlene Dietrich for the film No Highway, 1951

For the appeal and swagger of Katharine Hepburn, go for an oversized mannish overcoat. Nothing too fitted, something that will swish around your legs as you stride around. You can also try a man’s overcoat for this, but be careful because they often have enormous shoulder pads and longer sleeves than women’s, so you may look a bit shrunken and drowned. This is a good Womens vintage coats style for autumn and chilly winds.

1960's wool coat with fur trim

1960’s wool coat with fur trim


coat of many colours

coat of many colours


For summer, of course, we’re hoping that we’ll need no coat at all.

Other eras

I love the film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” because the costumes and Womens vintage coats are spot on. It’s a film about a man who is born old and regresses to a baby, and his wife who is born young and ages as normal. His wife, played by Cate Blanchett, is a woman of impeccable style and it’s quite a joy to see what she wears in all stages of life. I particularly liked her sprightly 60s yellow swing coat, which is a cheerful buttercup yellow with black facings to the collar.


So yes, copy her. Because we need more glorious yellow coats on our drab streets. And also, don’t be afraid to think about contemporary films that offer a take on historic costumes, as well as actual old films. New films don’t always get the details right, but they still offer fun and inspiration when you’re looking for womens Vintage Coats


Audrey Hepburn in a trench coat

Marlene Dietrich in fur