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Womens Vintage Jackets

February 15, 2015

So you don’t need a long sweeping coat but just something to throw on when the weather is a bit nippy? Or perhaps you’re looking for something smart for the office. Womens vintage jackets are the answer if you’d like something unusual.


Delia wearing tartan bomber jacket

Delia wearing tartan bomber jacket

Go Casual with womens vintage jackets

The bomber jacket hasn’t been off the catwalk for several seasons now, and the high street is full of them. Why not go and get yourself an original vintage version? They were originally created for pilots in wartime, and really hit the big time again in the grungy 90s. Bomber jackets look great slung over just about any outfit, evening or daytime, to add a casual edge. They come in black satin or a multitude of wonderous colours.

90's bomber jacket from blue17

90’s bomber jacket from blue17

Denim jackets

The other casual  womens vintage jackets staple which never seems to go out of fashion is the denim jacket. They’ve been around since the 70s, and you may pick up a very old, well washed pale blue frayed number with fabric patches all over it, advertising all sorts of causes and passions from the Young Ornithologist Club to a Swansea campsite, which is fun because it’s so personal – someone’s treasured experience is all over that. Or you might get a little cropped 90s one, or a denim waistcoat – double and triple denim is totally on trend right now so go for wearing it all at once.

1990's denim jacket from blue17

1990’s denim jacket from blue17

Go Smart with womens vintage jackets

If you’re looking for office basics, Womens vintage jackets are worth exploring as they are often well-tailored, made from good quality wool, and stand the test of time well. A structured black jacket from the 40s looks surprisingly similar to one today, usually hip length with small shoulder pads, and a similar cut of the lapels. Because an hourglass shape was fashionable then, they will often feature a nipped in waist, which may suit those who have the hourglass figure best, but there are different cuts so keep looking if this doesn’t suit you. Wear it with a pencil skirt and thin top beneath. If you find a good one, just plain black with no decoration, you won’t look retro, just very well put together.

40s suit jackets - still great today

40s suit jackets – still great today


Womens Vintage Jackets - Delia wearing 70's tweed blazer from blue17

Delia wearing 70’s tweed blazer from blue17

90s jackets

A 90s suit jacket is also a good option for someone looking for a sleeker line. I’ve picked up some very nice designer label Womens vintage jackets that I wear to work from round about the 90s. Although they’re over 20 years old, they don’t look out of date because the design of business wear doesn’t change so much. Sure, there were the 80s shoulder pads, but if you pick a point in time where a business suit is a bit more low-key, you’ll be fine.


Womens Vintage Jackets - Checked wool fur trim jacket from blue17

Checked wool fur trim jacket from blue17


Other jackets

Also look for: velvet, silk, sequin lace and jacquard evening jackets from all eras, 60s ponchos, 70s safari jackets, boleros, shawls, tracksuit jackets, sheepskin jackets for warmth and a Del Boy look, and keep your eyes open for unusual buttons too, which can really lift a plain jacket out of the ordinary.



80s power suit – possibly a bit OTT