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How To Rock 1960s Clothing in the Winter

January 13, 2018

Three 1960s Clothing Styles for Winter

With the cold weather in full swing, it’s not easy to stay trendy and warm at the same time. That’s why we’re here to show you how to rock 1960s clothing without the hassle or the strain. As women, we’re either worried that our skirts with fly up with the wind and we’ll have an epic Marilyn Monroe moment (although not quite as classy) or that our heels will get stuck in the icy sludge left behind from the unexpected (and often unwelcome) London snow we sometimes receive.

1960s white lace floral blouse

1960s white lace floral blouse

Make a Bold Color Statement

dark blue fur trim knee-length 60s coat

dark blue fur trim knee-length 60s coat


Our model, Emilie, is a huge fan of staple 1960s clothing pieces. The dark blue fur trim knee-length 60s coat that she is wearing is long and warm, perfect to keep her snug during the winter, while also putting her best stylish foot forward. We don’t always have to sacrifice our style on a night out to keep warm with black marshmallow jackets.


With this 60s vintage coat, Emilie is keeping warm while staying on-trend with the 1960s clothing classic grey fur trim and knee-length cut. It’s an elegant and simple piece, one that we can image Audrey Hepburn grabbing breakfast in. The blue color is a perfect bold punch, and goes perfectly with a dark lip and black shoes.

Rock a Sheik 60s Skirt and Top

 knee length pleated 60s skirt and her 1960s white lace floral blouse

knee length pleated 60s skirt and her 1960s white lace floral blouse


Emilie’s knee length pleated 60s skirt and her 1960s white lace floral blouse both match perfectly with her blue winter coat. When you rock one of our bold 60s coats, you won’t need to worry about wearing another bright color underneath. Many of our 1960s skirts are knee-length, and can be worn with trendy tights to keep you warm. Checkered skirts were all the rage in the 1960s with clothing, and paired with a chic lace 1960s top, it’s the perfect reveal once you take off your coat inside the warmth of your friend’s house or your local bar.

Keep Warm and Carry On With 1960s clothing

We applaud you for sacrificing your warmth for style, but you don’t need to. Choosing pieces that will keep you toasty AND on-trend in 1960s clothing are worth their weight in gold. When you’re comfortable with what you have on, the whole room will notice. So remember, if you decide to rock a sheer 60s top or a knee-length skirt, don’t be afraid to add a staple warm item like Emilie’s warm 60s vintage coat, or a pair of warm black tights.

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