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Where to Buy Designer Vintage Clothing Online: Styling Guide

March 5, 2024

Explore where to buy designer vintage clothing online and style it effortlessly, blending timeless fashion with contemporary trends for a unique look.

Why Buy Vintage Designer Clothing online and How Best to Style it

With changes in time and seasons, there have been alterations in our fashion style compared with how it was decades ago. As much as we are overwhelmed with different fashion ideas and styles in these modern days, knowing where to buy designer vintage clothing online still dramatically impacts our fashion world, regardless of age. It is not surprising that many people are still interested in vintage clothing, and this is due to their various peculiarities compared with modern fast-fashion clothing. These peculiarities, like their high quality, make them essential components of our present fashion world.


As popular as vintage clothing may be, some people must know their main peculiarities and how to style them in our modern world. This article is your guide on where to buy designer vintage clothing online and how best to style them.

Why Should I Buy Vintage Clothes?

where to buy designer vintage clothing online - Women's fashion in 1948

Women’s fashion in 1948 U. A. Saarinen, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Vintage Clothes Are of Better Qualities: Unlike modern clothes, vintage clothes from decades ago involved more care and attention to detail, making them last much longer. They last longer than most clothes made by modern designers, usually have a simple and classy outlook, and are generally easier to alter and repair.


  • Vintage Clothes Offer More Sustainability: Modern-designed clothes are not made to be worn for long and are dumped into the environment, impacting it negatively. When you search for where to buy Designer vintage clothing online and shop for vintage, you can reduce the environmental impact since the clothes are already available, and there is no need for other resources that can further impact the environment.


  • Vintage Clothes Encourage Creativity and Style: There are always changes in fashion trends, but some styles are always in vogue, one of the highlights of vintage clothing. They open you to new creative style ideas you were never aware of by combining different dress items that might not fit with your other collections.


  • Vintage Clothes Are Unique Treasures: Wearing vintage clothes in these times when everyone else wears fast fashion items make you stand out. Vintage helps your individualism and confidence, especially when you mix different styles that suit your personality. With pre-owned vintage designer clothing, you can light up your world and show others how to be better fashion lovers.


  • Vintage Clothing Cost Less: Unlike fashion items with exorbitant prices, vintage clothing has lower price tags, which doesn’t affect its qualities. Thus, for people unwilling to sacrifice style or quality, vintage is a better option, and it’s easy to see why many fashion enthusiasts turn to online platforms to buy designer vintage clothing.


  • Vintage Clothes Are Comfortable and Make You Look Good: Vintage clothing offers greater comfort than modern clothes because they are made from natural fibers and are usually less constricting. This quality increases your outlook and promotes your sense of style, efficiently making you stand out.

How to Dress Vintage Without Looking Obsolete

You should take different steps if you want to dress vintage. Exploring your creative mind is nice, but the following tips are handy. These include:

Choose the Era You Want

1954 acques Fath cocktail dress, 1950s Pierre Balmain cocktail dress

1954 acques Fath cocktail dress, 1950s Pierre Balmain cocktail dress.
Tim Evanson, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Picking your era or decade of interest is the first step to where to buy Designer vintage clothing online when you want to dress vintage. Find out the peculiarities of the various fashion eras and think about what you want to add to your wardrobe and how you want to look. Check out the patterns, colors, and silhouettes. The following are the peculiarities of some fashion eras:


  • The 1920s: Comprised flapper glamour with feathers, furs, and sparkly ornamental items.


  • The 1930s: It comprised structured dresses with animal print coats. It also marked the rise of the A-line silhouette.


  • The 1940s: It saw blouse-skirt combos, ruffles, and skirt suits. School uniform designs were the inspiration for the blouse-skirt combos.


  • The 1950s: The main trends were high-waisted dress items, patterned wrap dresses, and voluminous and figure-hugging skirts.


  • The 1960s: Loose tailoring, miniskirts, mod style, and knee-high boots were the styles in vogue.


  • The 1970s: It saw the rise of disco flares, button-down dresses, jumpsuits, and even punk aesthetics.


  • The 1980s: Power suits and glam-rock, neon athletic gear, bolder patterns, and bold colors were the decade’s styles.


  • The 1990s: Dungarees, baggy trousers, logo-laden streetwear, grunge, and plaid skirts characterized the decade.

Start With the Basic and Most Simple

Londons Carnaby Street, 1966

Londons Carnaby Street, 1966.
The National Archives UK, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons

The best vintage dresses to style are simple and basic. With basic and simple styles, you can easily combine thrift styles with modern ones. And for lovers of minimalistic styles, you can build your styles and outfit around one peculiar piece. It is best to try blazers and trench coats, as they are prevalent in vintage stores and usually have better qualities than fast-fashion ones. You can find some unique silhouettes from the 90s at minimal prices for denim jeans.

Where to Buy Designer Vintage Clothing Online – Personalize the Clothing

American model Renée Gunter modeling Haute Couture clothing on a fashion runway circa 1970s

American model Renée Gunter modeling Haute Couture clothing on a fashion runway circa 1970s.
Renée Gunter, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After deciding on the era you want and the most specific vintage items that will go well with several other pieces in your wardrobe, the next step involves personalizing the clothing. This process involves making modifications to the cloth. Visit your tailor and have them remove every part of the clothing that doesn’t seem right, alter the measurement, or even modernize the cloth entirely. Repair every wear and tear in the cloth and remove broken and outdated attachments on the cloth. However, you shouldn’t aim for perfection, as fashion in the mid and late-20th century was known for having a polished aesthetic, and you will look too old-fashioned if you appear too uptight with your styling.

Mix and Match With Other Styles

1981 Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren dress and sash, Pirates collection

1981 Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren dress and sash, Pirates collection.
Staff photographer, Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Committing to an authentic retro outfit is fine, but if you want a more modern vintage outlook, you should mix and match it with other design pieces. You can blend different decades, mix casualwear with formalwear, and even pair older elements with newer styles. Bold patterns and loud colors characterized the 50s, 60s, and 80s, and you may match them with elements having lighter shades and patterns. Your creativity is limitless; ensure you take it as high as possible.

Where to Buy Designer Vintage Clothing Online – Conclusion

Now that you know why to buy vintage clothing and how best to style them, finding where to buy designer vintage clothing online is essential for an excellent experience. Contact us now to make further inquiries and place your order.