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Recycled Vintage Clothing Online

December 30, 2023

It is so easy to buy Recycled Vintage Clothing Online and it’s superfun, too! You can shop however you like, maybe by colour, era, garment type, or fabric. Our team are pretty dedicated, so if you don’t see the vintage pieces you like on the website you can always ring up and we will consider it challenge accepted!


Some days you just want to dress all in red. I’m thinking an every day red, like a dark berry red. To be chic but not a beacon, start with a berry red coat and find shoes to match. Then, your inside clothes need to be a shade or so lighter. Choose something basic like cord trousers and a plain sweater. If you want to, you can choose a scarf that contrasts, like have a pink scarf (but not green, the combination is way too Christmassy). You could have your shoes match your scarf if you like. I do think that picking colours in a similar shade is unexpected but in a good way, so red with pink or orange, blue and green or turquoise. You can also have a patterned scarf on with colours that pick up your theme, but also some that contrast.

Recycled Vintage Clothing Online – Block colours

Or just block colours. The good thing about vintage clothing is that you can get it all, really probably any garment you want in a block colour, especially if you look for a basic like green, blue, red or yellow. You might not be able to dictate the exact shape though. So you can look for the colour you want, and accept that you might get some baggy 80s trousers in that shade or maybe 90s bootcut. Or you can go for a specific 90s look, but you might have to hunt extra-hard to get the colours you want.


We love clothes and are well versed in vintage knowledge. That means that we select everything with great care, and when we photograph it for the website, we try to look at it as if we are shopping ourselves. So all the details, the stitching, the embroidery are captured. We like to think what fabric it is, and what colours. To us that’s important, as it is to you. When you’re shopping online, you really have to think about these things. We have many vintage finds. You’ll find vintage denim, vintage dresses, vintage jeans, recycled clothing, and vintage items from the 80s and 90s.

Accuracy is Important

DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, AZ, UNITED STATES 01.30.2014 Photo by Airman 1st Class Chris Massey 355th Wing Photo royalty free via Picryl.

Photo 01.30.2014 Photo by Airman 1st Class Chris Massey 355th Wing Photo royalty free via Picryl.

Make sure the descriptions are accurate and try and look up close at the details. You can order as many as your budget temporarily allows and then try them all on together. One of the really important things abut shopping this way is to try them on promptly and return swiftly if they are not to your liking. This way the clothing can go back into circulation. With vintage clothing, tbh, it doesn’t make a wild amount of difference because these things are classic. But if you are buying things new, they need to go back while it’s still this season’s offering. Because otherwise, well, it can go into the sale but actually often it just gets junked. And always return them clean and unworn. I have received things that I bought from online stores with orange make up marks on them and it’s a bit off putting.


We have a lot of vintage finds in easily accessible storage, and our vintage clothing online is just the tip of the iceberg. Our selection changes all the time and so of course we can’t photograph everything if you want to shop vintage. That’s why online shopping is good, but in-person is even better. Especially for things like film or theatre costuming, where a very specific look is required. It is just wonderful to see costume assistants at work, browsing from our rails… We can also offer a lot of input if requested. When you have a large amount of clothing to choose from, putting together a look is made a lot easier. If you can, you would want to bring your actor along with you for a direct fitting.

Recycled Vintage Clothing Online – Find out the History

We also warmly recommend you to have a look at our blog posts to gain some info about the wide variety of clothing that we have. Clothes are not just something to cover ourselves with but have great meaning. Of course, you know that. There is a lot to say about where garments came from, who wore them, and what the times were like when they did that. Fashion history has so many aspects. It’s interesting because as well as facts there are so many myths! Many of which come from the designers themselves. And then counter-myths.


Someone who was notorious for this is Gabrielle Chanel. This woman, born in real poverty, clawed her way up in society. Any way she could. She was known for being rather witty and sharp, but though her dinner table conversation might have entertained, when it came to writing it down she thought she could do better. She employed a writer to polish or invent her aphorisms, which were then published under her own name. Ironically I cannot remember his name, which really proved her strategy worked.


She realised that perfumes were doing well and decided to launch her own. Of course, she was no more a perfumer than she was a writer. So Ernest Beaux submitted some scents he had been working on and she chose her favourite not by how it smelled, but because she was keen on numerology. This was sample no.5, which became Chanel no.5. Of course she claimed it as her own invention.


Recycled Vintage Clothing Online

Recycled Vintage Clothing Online – Chanel no 5. Image via Wikimedia, Royalty free. Tim Evanson from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The Truth?

Certainly she was not straightforward, but would she have got where she was if not? One area of particular interest is the second world war. She stole other people’s intellectual property, but was she a Nazi spy? Evidence seems to suggest she was. Not only did she spend the war years living in the Ritz with her Nazi lover, but she had a codename for her spying activities, which was “Westminster”, after the Duke of Westminster, her one-time boy friend. However, here’s the twist – was she a double agent? There are recently declassified documents which suggest that she was actually working for the French resistance. Perhaps she was using her Nazi contacts?


So you see, fashion is not just fashion, but a world of intrigue. This is just one part of the story about one very famous designer. There is a lot more to say. Every other designer has their own story too, just as every decade in every part of the world tells a different tale. Your recycled vintage clothing online finds may also have a story behind them…