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Recycled vintage clothing stores South London – What is so good about Them

January 13, 2024

Recycled vintage clothing stores South London are a great place to refresh your wardrobe. Wearing vintage clothing is very freeing – we don’t have to be slaves to the fashion forecast any more. But also, should we happen to be a little bit of an admirer of a catwalk look, it’s good to know that most designer’s inspiration start with clothing from a bygone era. So by buying the actual original clothing, one could say that we are one step on from them. 


Plus, it’s no secret that a lot of clothing was better made in the past, with higher quality materials. These days high street stores know that most people will only wear their stuff once or twice, and so it doesn’t matter if it falls apart after a couple of washes. As far as they are concerned, a couple of washes is enough. But as far as we are concerned, fellow clothing appreciater, it’s not enough at all. Why go to the trouble of seeking out something you like, then making sure it fits and suits you, only to throw it away a moment later? Makes no sense at all. Besides, think of the environmental cost. No, it’s far better to find something recycled, because it will probably be better, very likely unique, and certainly environmentally friendly. Kate Moss does it all the time! And you never know, you might find find a Vivienne Westwood dress or other design pieces. 

Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores South London for Something New

As human beings, we crave novelty. After a long winter, or even during it, we are dying to pop off for even a little holiday, a break from the cold, dark and mud. Today its snowing, and there was not a single person on the bus who didn’t turn to their neighbour and say “ooh, it’s snowing!” with a smile. Snow is still cold and wet, but at least it’s something different.


What has this got to do with recycling? I’m trying to say that it’s OK to want a change now and again. Something new, or at least new to us, and that includes clothes. But they don’t have to be brand new from the factory.


It’s just as special to go to the vintage clothes shop or charity shop and find a rare and joyful piece that fits you perfectly, is your favourite colour, or has kittens on it. Whatever makes your heart sing. And also, I’ve come to the conclusion that, although right now we’re bundled up so high that the only clothing on show is your long padded cost and beanie hat, it’s OK to get something new to wear underneath. Only you will see it, but when you do, it will make you smile.


Vintage clothes from vintage shops in London like House of Vintage,  Reign Vintage,  Covent Garden, Portobello Road, Brick Lane, East London, Serotonin Vintage, Nordic Poetry, Paper Dress Vintage, and Camden Market have all the vintage clothing and accessories you could wish for. 

Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores South London For Coats and Jackets


His n'hers 80s trenchcoats, 1984

His n’hers 80s trenchcoats, 1984


Having said that, it’s also practical to seek out vintage outerwear. Pre-worn coats are just as warm as modern ones. Plus, there is a definite classic style to duffle coats, bomber jackets, and tweed overcoats. They can be very elegant, well-made, and certainly pass for the contemporary version, just far more economic and environmentally friendly.


Duffle coats are classic felted wool overcoats that are about knee-length. They are roomy, and fit well over winter jumpers, and generally quite a straight sort of shape. The most defining features are the huge hood and the wooden toggles used as buttons. Duffle coats come in any colours, but the classic is black, navy or scarlet. Because they are so unchanging, a vintage duffle coat will be pretty indistinguishable from a newly-produced one. Famous wearers of the duffle coat include, of course, Paddington Bear. They were very popular in the 60s and 70s for both men and women. They have been produced since the 1850s – that’s nearly two centuries.


Bomber jackets have a much more recent history. Well, comparatively. They were worn by American bomber pilots in the second world war, so are “only” close to a century old in concept. A bomber jacket is only waist length, since bomber pilots were sitting down and didn’t need to keep their bums warm. It’s a padded jacket with tight cuffs at the wrists and hem. They come in a lot of colours, fabrics and prints. Choose what suits you!

Corduroy is Having a Moment

Light blue Levis corduroy fleece jacket

Light blue Levis corduroy fleece jacket

Recycled vintage clothing stores South London will provide you with other cold weather gear that is perhaps even more stylish in the original iteration: corduroy trousers. This lovely soft warm fabric comes in lots of thicknesses and different whales. In this case, a fabrics whale refers not to the adorable/scary marine creature but to the ribs that run down it. A very fine rib in a soft fine fabric is called needlecord. Fat ribs are referred to as a wide whale cord. They are both gorgeous, as is every variation in between.


Like velvet, corduroy makes colours look deeper, brighter and more jewel like. So the range of colours this fabric comes in is just fabulous. And it’s meant for both men actually women. It had a fashionable moment in the 70s, stayed till the 80s, and is very hot again right now. If you can find original 70s trousers that’s wonderful, as they could be high rise flares. 80s trousers erred more towards baggy and shapeless, cool in a geography teacher sort of way.


If you’ve had enough of winter and want to look towards spring, but feel that you can’t because it’s still too cold, corduroy is the answer. Pick baby cord in pastels, because any type of corduroy is still warmer than jeans. Top tip: a wider trouser leg will allow you to wear thermal leggings underneath, so you can look spring-like but still keep cosy.

Recycled vintage clothing stores South London to keep warm

Do not forget to delve into the vintage store for new-to-you hats, scarves, gloves, earmuffs, etc. Accessories in all shapes and sizes are available. It’s a great chance to to out different styles of accessory, too. For example, hats. Sometimes when we say “vintage hats” we think of something fancy we might perch on our head for Goodwood. But vintage hats can be practical too. Try Bakerboy, berets, Newspaperboy (different from Bakerboy :P ) porkpie, or fedora.

Stay warm out there!