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The things I love about Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores Central London

February 2, 2024

Visiting recycled vintage clothing stores central London is a great idea to base a fun day on. Mostly because Central London is absolutely full of things to do! It’s always worth the journey, wherever you live. You can shop, you can eat, you can drink, you can, most importantly, PEOPLE WATCH! It’s a great place to get inspiration on outfits. There are tourists from all over the world who each bring their unique style to the streets. In addition to the travellers who throng the shopping streets, are the revellers who decorate the night clubs. You’re also going to see chic office workers, local traders, and others who are just there, soaking in the atmosphere.

A great look. Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores Central London.

A great look. Find something similar in Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores Central London. Image via Wikimedia.

Then you can transfer this inspo into finding clothing for yourself. Remember, it’s inspiration, not a command to copy. For one thing, you really don’t want to look exactly the same as the amazingly-dressed woman you saw at a nightclub last night. And I’m sure she doesn’t want to look exactly the same as you. And for another, if you are looking through the treasure troves of vintage clothing shops, you’ll have a pretty hard time finding her particular blue mermaid sequin-studded gown.


However, you’re going to find something just as good, if not better! If you love the idea of sequins, well, they have been popular for a long time so you’re going to find sequins from every era. How about some 60s sequins, bedazzling a mini dress? Or 80s sequins, in hot pink? 90s sequins tended to be ironic, and you’ll find plenty of newer items, such as leggings, giant sequin capes, sequin bustiers, etc, in every colour.

What to look for in Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores Central London

But what if you don’t actually live in central London and you feel like your home town is not the place for outrageous sequins? Or if it is, somehow you don’t feel like you have the right lifestyle. You’re working from home, you’re walking the dog… When is it sequin time? Well, you’re just going to have to work sequins into your day. You can buy just a sequin bag or hat, and wear them for walking the dog. Or, try and find a sequin bum bag. That’s an eminently practical yet fabulous thing for dog walking! If you know how to sew, you can use the sequin fabric from a vintage find, cut it up and refashion it into something that fits your life.


That goes not just for sequins. You can look out for unusual fabrics and if the garment isn’t right for you, just repurpose it using the fabric for something else. Do also consider just altering a garment slightly to fit your needs. Either take a dramatic ballgown, and turn it into a skirt you can wear with a t-shirt (much more wearable). Or have too-large trousers tailored. Or take a dress and turn it into a top which you wear with jeans.


I like visiting other neighbourhoods. Wherever you live in London, there is aways something interesting around the corner. If you plan on visiting a vintage store (for example, ours!) you can build a whole morning around it. For example, in most places there are lovely little cafes, independent coffee shops, and unexpected boutiques, florists and antique shops.

Bargains or Luxuries?

Postman's Park in London. Image Royalty free via Wikimedia.

Visit Postman’s Park in London in between Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores Central London. Image Royalty free via Wikimedia.

And in other places with a different vibe you can enjoy picking up bargains in high street stores you might not have at home, like pound shops or discount food stores. I like both seemingly opposing things – I am quite happy to spend a fiver on an artisanal coffee, or pick up a bargain beauty product for a quid. Whichever way, you definitely need to remember to bring both your rucksack plus an extra couple of bags, because if you’re in the mood for shopping you will come back with more than you thought!


At least that’s what I always find. A cookbook, a novel, an interesting vintage skirt, maybe a lipstick and a cake for the way home inevitably find their way into my bag. When all I was planning was a little look around! Oh, and take your re-usable coffee cup (and maybe even a packable knife, fork and spoon set?) because I always end up treating myself to at least a coffee, and possibly something to eat, even if I tell myself I’ll stick to the budget. It’s all too tempting!

Enjoy the Greenery

If nothing else, you might find a pretty park, riverside walk, local museum or an art gallery. In central London, there are, perhaps unexpectedly, lots of green spaces. Even if you don’t go to any of the big, well known parks there are lots of garden squares. Here you are welcome to go and sit on a bench and eat a sandwich in between shopping. Lots of streets have been made pedestrianised, and have large planters with grass and flowers, and interesting, comfy seats. You will see also see almost hidden courtyards with fountains, and there are a fair few interesting graveyards and memorials if you keep your eyes open.


Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores Central London – Interesting Things Galore!

Excellent outfit inspo. Image via Pexels, Royalty free.

Excellent outfit inspo. Image via Pexels, Royalty free.

Talking of bargains and unique items, you can definitely combine them with vintage shopping. Many vintage clothes and accessories are unique, because there weren’t that many of them made in the first place. By now, filtered by time, there are far fewer. And some of those are still laid away in attics or warehouses. That cute 90s crop top you’ve spotted with a high street label is probably going to be the only one in town. And it’s very unlikely to be expensive! 


Top tip: try several different vintage shops in London because different vintage buyers have a different eye. Some people love the older vintage pieces and will stock vintage fashion which is bordering on antique. Others prefer more cheap and cheerful pieces, like t-shirts and jeans. These are quirky and easier to wear. Still others are famous for their designer pieces or amazing selection of jewellery or sunglasses. But don’t worry about whether you picked the right vintage store or not, just enjoy the hunt. Over time, you will get to know them all, including the hidden gems, and can choose your favourite.  Our recommendations are Covent Garden, Charity shops, Portobello Road, Brick Lane, East London, Serotonin Vintage, Vintage Lover,  thrift stores, market stalls, and Paper Dress Vintage.