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Recycle Clothing Bins Near Me – How to find Them

May 3, 2024

Recycle clothing bins near me are a simple solution for clear outs. It’s so fashionable right now to be eco-friendly, and whole issues of magazines are dedicated to the subject. But how best to achieve it when you have very little time? Clothing bins are one answer. Read on for more tips.

How to Decide Which Items to Keep and Which to Donate?

Sometimes, if you have a bulging wardrobe full with, clothes shoes from h&m and american eagle outfitters for example, it can be hard to know where to start in clearing it out. It’s really great if you have a spare room or don’t mind a little mess for a while. Then you can pull everything out of your wardrobe and really look at things to make decisions. Of course, you have to be in the mood in the first place. But set yourself a time limit – say, by the end of the week – and you can do a little each day.


Some things will jump out at you and be easy to put in the donation pile for recycling bins. That cardigan that Great Aunt Susan regifted, seven years ago now? If you’ve never worn it, it’s time for it to go to someone who will. It’s hard with presents, but if you don’t like it, don’t give it wardrobe space. The gift-giver will never know.

Recycle Clothing Bins Near Me – How to Transport?

recycle clothing bins near me - Recycling bins Carshalton

Recycling bins Carshalton,London Borough of Sutton.
Author: Robin Webster, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In the spirit of being eco-friendly, why not drop off your clothes shoes donations to a thrift store accepting donations of textile waste by walking there? Did you see that article in the paper about “Granny” trolleys being fashionable now? Wheeled shopping bags are super handy for taking lots of clothing either to the charity shop or to a donation point, like a bin. They can be heavy! But this is good exercise.


Alternatively, it doesn’t have to be that big of a deal. You can just open your wardrobe, and pluck one item out that you’ve never worn. Pop it in your handbag and thrust it into the donations recycling bin or one of the textile recycling donation centers on your way to work. Make a habit to donate clothing this way every week and you’ll have a good clear out without any hard work. A small trickle is definitely better than nothing, and rather than being overwhelmed with big piles of clothes to be sorted through, this is so much simpler. And you don’t have to exhaust yourself dragging tonnes of stuff around.


It is worth knowing that donation centers charity shops collect all the clothes for recycling and redistribute them to the shops they think will suit them best. So don’t worry about driving to the best location, simply drop your clothes at the nearest.

Recycle Clothing Bins Near Me – Avoiding Mess

Sorted waste containers in Tallinn, Estonia

Sorted waste containers in Tallinn, Estonia.
Dmitry G, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The recycling clothing bins also avoid that annoying moment when you go to drop off clothes for recycling or other items at the charity shop and it is closed. Most charity shops have a sign cautioning against just dropping the things off outside. This is because other people may go through the bags and take what they fancy without the goods going to charity. They can also make a big mess, with items strewn all over the street.


Personally I do think that if people would like to pick up a bit of free stuff they should be allowed to do so without judgement. However, it depends if the person who dropped it off really wants the money to go to the specific charity, or if they are just happy to get rid of things like clothes shoes because they are taking up space. So, if you really want things like clothing from h&m and american eagle outfitters to go to the charity shop textile recycling then the recycling bins are a good way to do this. Make sure they are not overflowing though, or it will just be the same situation. If you need clothing and household items and can’t afford them, there are charities who will donate clothing if you get in contact directly.

Recycle Clothing Bins Near Me – More Convenient

Small sorted waste containers in Shanghai, China

Small sorted waste containers in Shanghai, China.
Author: WQL, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are lots of charity recycling bins and thrift stores situated all over London. You can donate clothing by dropping it off near your home, near your workplace, or near a friend’s. You can choose which charity you want to support specifically, or just use the nearest that does clothes recycling. Sometimes if the charity shop is closed, it can be tempting to just dump the things in the nearest council waste bin, for it all to go to landfill. Don’t do this! The clothing recycling bins are not going to be far from you. You can always leave things in the boot of the car or in your shopping trolley for another time.

Some Do’s and Don’t of Using Them

recycle clothing bins near me - Green recycling bins on The Esplanade, Weymouth

Green recycling bins on The Esplanade, Weymouth by Jaggery, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

So first of all, as mentioned, make sure your clothes shoes goodies will fit in the bin. If not, go and find another one. If it’s overflowing and your things all drop on the ground, it’s pointless. They are just going to get wet and mucky, or separated from the bin entirely. Make sure your things are nice and clean, as you would if dropping then at a thrift store accepting donations of textile recycling waste. If you don’t wash them, nobody will want them, they will probably contaminate the rest of the donations, and I feel sorry for the person emptying the bins as well.


Pay attention to the sign on the front of the recycle clothing bins near me. If it says no duvets or bedding, don’t attempt to stuff one on. If it says clothing only, don’t put in forks and spoons and your nana’s tea set. To donate small electrical items, there are bins for that, too. Many charity shops don’t take them, but some do. Make sure that things that are meant to be in pairs, like shoes and other footwear, are in a carrier bag together. And obviously, don’t mistake the clothing bin for a litter bin. They are clearly marked. Not even a little empty crisp packet. That’s really not fair.


It can sometimes be tempting to climb inside a textile recycling bin, or try to pull interesting looking things out. Please don’t. People have become trapped this way. It also makes a mess. Just go hunting in the charity shop or vintage store instead! That’s the place to find lots of unique and interesting items.