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Tips for Finding Recycled Clothing Online in the Springtime

January 23, 2024

 The clocks just went forward and its officially spring! Are you feeling it yet? Well, it’s still a little cold even though the flowers have suddenly burst into bloom in chorus. The best way to handle this transitional period, I think, is to buy recycled clothing online. This is because when we feel like the earth is in a state of renewal and rejuvenation, and we want to come out of hibernation and do the same, it is pointless to smother the earth in fast fashion in order to do so. That’s hardly in tune with the seasons!

Spring Colours

I love online shopping for pink for spring. Soft pink evokes the cherry blossoms, and looks amazingly fresh with white and other pastels. How about a pre loved pink jumper, white shirt, dove grey trousers and white Converse shoes? Forgo fast fashion from the cheap fashion industry and try second hand clothing and vintage item.


And when you are tired of the gentle dreamy look, hot pink is a good wake up colour. You can successfully team soft pink and hot pink vintage clothes together when shopping secondhand and buying recycled clothing online. Hot pink also looks great with orange, for vibrant days.


I also love green clothes and accessories in the spring time. It’s no wonder, with plants sending up their best little shoots that it’s a colour that feels right at the moment. I think that every shade works, but especially fresh grass green or pistachio green. Greens also look great with pink, as if you are a little tree budding with joy.


Don’t forget prints, either. If spring has you feeling playful, consider secondhand clothes in fun and whimsical polka dots, spots and stripes from online thrift stores. It’s also traditional to look at florals, both big and bold and tiny and ditzy.

Recycled Clothing Online – Spring fabrics

Ok, it’s officially spring and you are longing to update your look, searching through recycled clothing online. But despite that shaft of sunshine you just saw, it’s still a little cold. In the UK at least. So while you can lighten your colour palette, don’t lighten your fabrics too much yet. Easy, breezy materials like linen, silk and crisp cotton are for summer or a cheeky holiday. Stay with something warm for now. You can abandon your puffa jacket, and shed your chunky knit. But don’t go out without a jumper or coat altogether!


Layering is key here. So be ready to wear fine knits, with a jacket.  And probably the most important layer? Your thermals. Consider thermal leggings and a thermal long sleeve top underneath those lovely new spring clothes. Because nothing dampens that joyful spring step like the miserable feeling of being too chilly. You can get this clothing online.

Spring accessories

Shopping recycled clothing online, a sneaky way to add chic plus keep out the draughts is with jewelry and accessories! Specifically, hats and scarves, shoes bags. You may not feel like wearing a knitted beanie pulled low over your eyes any more. Understandable, it’s been warming your brow all winter.


However, a beret looks great, and they come in so many colours. You can also wear them many different ways. My mum used to like to style mine over one ear, like, so she said, the French. However I found recently that this only works if it’s a mild day or you have one particularly resilient ear, which doesn’t mind staying out in the cold. Otherwise, you can push it to the back of your head, which provides more warmth and still looks stylish.


Berets come in different sizes, and with careful buying and selling you can find out what size suits you best. Too small and it might fall off, and too big and it could look a little bit over the top. There are also different styles of beret, such as quite stiff felted ones with the little pip at the top, or softer, knitted ones. Whichever you prefer, wash them by hand when you get them home, and at the end of the season before you put them away. That goes for your scarves, too. Your hats will get a little dirty for sure from your hair products and make up, and your scarves from your hair products and, well, your neck.

Recycled Clothing Online – Scarves

Recycled Clothing Online - Scarves

Photo credit: Author Tony Hisgett Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


Speaking of scarves, they can now start a transitional phase. Put away the very heavy chunky ones. For the same reason as the beanie hat, they are great in winter, not right for spring (in the UK, anyway). But don’t abandon the scarf altogether! Scarves not only keep the chill out but also protect you against aches and pains. Stiff necks and headaches are not terribly chic. Choose something that’s fluffy but perhaps woven. Update the colour too. And it’s worth looking for different ways of tying it so that you don’t get bored. Always take care over this as a crumpled, unevenly tied scarf looks really messy, and is hardly a finishing touch. Well, I sound like a headmistress from a school book now so I should stop. But it’s true!


Recycled clothing online scarf tips are that scarves go next to your face so it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the colour. A particularly strong colour will reflect upwards, casting accents of green or yellow or red on the face. Even a softer colour can enhance or drain it. I love primrose yellow but it’s not great with my skin tone. It looks great on other people though!


The other great thing about spring is that it’s finally time to break out the vintage and recycled sunglasses. As everybody knows, these are the one accessory that adds the most to an outfit. Also, they prevent cataracts! So, be cool and stay safe, friends. I’m not sure how much I need to explain about sunglasses. I mean, there’s a lot to say, but surely you have a drawerful? If not, lucky you! It’s time to start collecting. 


Sunglasses need primarily to suit your face shape, and from there you can go into what colour, size and type of lens you feel like having. Then it’s a matter of how whimsical you feel. I like cat’s eye glasses, as they have a stylish vintage feel, are a little whimsical, and, luckily, suit my face. But even cat’s eye glasses have a lot of variation, for example, some are oversize, some very narrow, and some rimless. Some slope up and down at different angles. So have fun looking and trying, and enjoy the new season.