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The Very Best Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores Online South West London

January 27, 2024

Are you looking for recycled vintage clothing stores online South West London? There are advantages to shopping online, as everybody knows. Such as convenience, speed, the fact that it can be done at 3am when you can’t sleep and had a sudden idea that the only thing you need right now is, no, not a hot oak milk drink and some white noise but to buy the perfect orange crop top. And then again, if you are looking for a vintage shop specifically in South West London, you probably long to go out and get something in real life. You want to touch the fabric, try it on right away, look at the print close up.


Do you want to find a recycled vintage clothing stores online South West London because you live nearby? Then you’ll already know how great it is here. The SW area encompasses a wide variety of places with all different characters. There is Clapham Junction, a very buzzy area and a major transport hub. On initial arrival it may seem a bit disappointing, but burrow down some nearby streets and you’ll find some amazing bars, clubs and restaurants, plus health food shops and great clothes shops. Nearby is Clapham Common, a great place for a walk.


There is also Wimbledon, of course, the site of what else but Wimbledon Common? Now most people would insert a joke about Wombles here, but I’m above that sort of thing so I’m just going to say that it’s an amazing place for a picnic or a spot of tree-bathing.

Fantastic things to do in the King’s Rd

The Westwood shop on King's Road. Image copyright free via Wikimedia.

The Westwood shop on King’s Road. Image Royalty free via Wikimedia. 430 Kings Road, Chelsea by Chris Whippet, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you looking for recycled vintage clothing stores online South West London because you’re planning a trip Southwest? It’s true, there are lots of amazing things in SW. We have the famous King’s Rd, which is almost as fun as it used to be in 1966. Back then, it was known as the home of dedicated followers of fashion. Rich girls in miniskirts from Chelsea tramped up and down. They were spied upon by middle class girls from the Midlands.  These had made the trip for the day by coach just to try to catch a glimpse of the famous atmosphere. Plus, if possible, a model and rockstar or two.


There is still the Vivienne Westwood shop, which has changed names many times over the years but is the same little premises as when she started her boutique Let It Rock in 1971. Sadly, the Grande Dame of Provocation passed away recently, but you can make a pilgrimage to the shop and buy some rocking horse shoes in her honour. The World’s End pub, a very famous 60s hangout, is just across the road. And close by, you’ll find the site of the Gateways club too.

Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores Online South West London – Bargains

There are also tonnes of good charity shops on King’s Rd. Obviously they will be three times as expensive as anywhere else, but you will find a lot of very good quality cashmere, vintage clothes and designer pieces. In fact you find very exclusive designer labels, which the rest of the world quite honestly may not recognise but which any Chelsea lady will fight over with surprising ferocity. The boutiques which house the original clothes are further up, towards Sloane Square. You’re also going to find very discreet pre loved clothes shops stocking  a rarified selection of designer pieces.

Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores Online South West London

You might enjoy visiting the Brompton Cemetery, a Victorian garden cemetery. It’s very green and shaded with trees. It’s a popular spot for visiting the graves of some very famous people. These include fashionable eccentric Luisa Casati and the suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst.


Just up the road you can walk to Battersea Park, one of my favourite places. It’s huge, very green, and has a lake, subtropical gardens, and its own Peace Pagoda. Many films are made here, so you can also enjoy spotting some stars if you’re lucky. It’s recommended to stop in the Pear Tree Cafe for a coffee or lunch surrounded by many, many doggies. If the weather’s nice you can also sit outside, overlooking the lake.

Museums in South West London

recycled vintage clothing stores online South West London - Brompton_Oratory

Brompton_Oratory – This image was produced by David Castor (user:dcastor). Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As well as recycled vintage clothing stores online South West London you will also find some of London’s, or maybe even the world’s, most famous museums here in SW. On one street in South Kensington, appropriately named Exhibition Road, sit the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum. You’d be superhuman (or perhaps not very interested in museums) to visit all three in one day, so I suggest taking a half-day for each and breaking it up with lunch at one of the many cool places nearby, or indeed, taking a sandwich to sit in Kensington Gardens, which is very close by.


There you can see the Albert Memorial, which is a fantastic statue of a gold-encrusted Prince Albert surrounded by carvings and whatnot. If you want to shop, why not pop to Harrods? Or there’s also Harvey Nichols nearby. For music, book a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. They are all walking distance, alongside many other grand buildings you might enjoy looking at. On Sundays, it is highly recommended to attend a service at the Brompton Oratory. The singing is exquisite.


And for something completely different, go to Brixton. It is incredibly vibrant, and filled with independent shops and lots of greengrocers stocking the freshest of fruit and vegetables, many of which you’d have a hard time finding in supermarkets. There are clothes shops and craft shops, little cafes and coffee shops, and of course bars and restaurants. Do not miss Brixton Village, a warren of tiny shops in London that includes quirky card shops, vintage shops, bakeries, vegan burger shops and little art galleries. It really has an atmosphere like no other. For music, go to the O2 Academy.


Lovely vintage pieces can also be found in other areas and high streets, you’ll find a treasure trove in Pop boutique, Covent Garden, Portobello Road, Brick Lane, East London, Serotonin Vintage, Dukes Cupboard, Nordic Poetry, West London, and various car boot.