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Christmas Sweaters For Seasonal Fun

December 21, 2014

Yes, it’s that time of year again – that short period of time when everyone brings out awful Christmas sweaters. What’s even worse, is that family and friends may even expect you to wear one yourself. And that would never do, unless of course, you wear it with irony, and even then you’ll be spending the entire Christmas holiday hoping no one sees you in broad daylight.

Christmas Sweaters,Yes it’s that time of year again

Where does this awful tradition come from, who can we thank for Christmas sweaters? Legend has it that it was created for Bill Cosby by Koos Van den Akker – yes that’s his name, a New York designer who made these sweaters and yes, Cosby wore them.


And all those endless Christmas movies with one awful sweater after another. We present the evidence – Love Actually (2003), Christmas Vacation (1989), The Grinch (2000), Deck the Halls (2006), and of course Mark in Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001).

Want to avoid the Christmas sweaters tradition?

What can you do to avoid such fashion travesties, even if it does mean doing away with tradition and festive cheer? Well you could wear anything from vintage to the latest trends in knitwear for this season. You may be leaving tradition behind, but at least you’ll be able to avoid mockery and derision.

70s Vintage Dark Christmas Vest

70s Vintage Dark Christmas Vest

Christmas jumper

Christmas jumper

Christmas Sweaters trends

For autumn 2014 and early 2015 knits are all over and we see the return of the knitted dress, worn short or long it comes in cable or thin knit.


Depending how confident you are, you may not feel good in thin knits, which will show every lump and bump, and if this is the case then perhaps you should go with something chunky and finish off with skinny jeans or leggings. Don’t go chunky all the way down unless you’re tall and thin, or you could wind up looking like you belong in the garden wearing a carrot and a scarf.


Ombre jumpers are still popular, but a good stylish knit will enhance and slim your body. Cashmere and mohair are easy choices and will look really good on a night out for a more casual, elegant and dressed down look.

90s Norwegian Festive Jumper

90s Norwegian Festive Jumper

Christmas sweater

Christmas sweater

Vintage sweaters

If you’re thinking fifties, for it has to be the best decade for sweaters, you’re looking at cropped tight fitting around the bust in soft knits. If you go vintage, make sure it’s quality wool and make sure it’s been taken care of by the previous owner, check the washing instructions too.


Sometimes a sweater won’t always stand the test of time, they can be shrunk and this can easily be discovered by feeling the sweater, because if it feels overly chunky and seems a little short, you can guarantee the previous owner didn’t take care of the washing instructions. So don’t go there, they usually come with shrunken necks and unless you have a head like a chicken, it just won’t fit.

Christmas Sweaters - 50s Beaded Cardigan from Blue17

50s Beaded Cardigan from Blue17


Slogan sweaters seem to be on trend and Bella Freud has some excellent ones in her range. If you are going to wear a slogan jumper, make sure it’s tasteful, or we’re possibly back to the Christmas sweaters region and bypassing good taste all together.

Sweater dresses

As well as slogan sweaters, we have chunky, cable, thin figure hugging knits and the all over full length sweater dress. Any kind of sweater dress can be dressed up or down and is versatile enough to be worn at night, or during the day. Finish off with accessories, a large scarf or pashmina and some knee high boots which are on trend this season.


Remember when looking at vintage sweaters to check the wash label and have a good feel to see if it’s in good condition before buying, and ideally try it on before purchase. And stay away from Christmas sweaters, it’s just not going to work.




Christmas tree lights sweater


Koos Van den Akker looking happy in flamboyant sweater


Mark Darcy – Bridget Jones’s diary

cable knitted dress

Ombre Knitted Beanie

Bella Freud- Style By Yellow Button

Maxi Sweater Dress