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Vintage cosby sweaters

June 8, 2015

Vintage cosby sweaters are a spectacular breed of sweater which epitomise 80s fashion – splattered with colour and crazy designs, legend has it that no two cosby sweaters are the same. One could be covered in woodland creatures another could be a hypnotic swirl of colours created by the dreams you had whilst falling asleep after failing to complete your rubick’s cube.

Snoop Dogg, Coronation Street and Vintage cosby sweaters.

Not only does Snoop Doggy Dogg love to sip on a gin and juice whilst watching his alleged favourite show – Coronation Street, he also is an avid wearer of mens vintage cosby sweaters. He can be seen here wearing his cosby sweater with a ‘cigarette’ casting a mysterious cloud of smoke over his tortoise-shell-chic sunglasses whilst adopting a moustache that could make a person weak at the knees. He’s probably sitting there dreaming about how much he’d love to be on the cobbled streets of Manchester eating a pie with Fred Elliot and in the Rovers Return in the midst of another cat fight. Vintage cosby sweaters are the perfect jumper to keep a west coast rapper warm on the hipster streets of Manchester’s northern quarter.

Yeezus Christ super-sweater.

Self-proclaimed messiah, ‘Yeezus’, looks more like Joseph when he wears his technicolour sweaters, however, you don’t need to have the inflated self-confidence of Kanye to wear a vintage cosby sweater, just his keen eye for style. As we all know, horses are the height of fashion in messiah subculture – Kanye showcases his cowboy credentials via his mens vintage cosby sweaters.

‘Rap’ up warm. It’s drake and his vintage cosby sweaters.

All round superstar Drake can sing, dance, rap, act, produce, direct and he probably even makes a great soufflé. So multi-talented is this man that he needs to put zero effort into wearing his mens vintage cosby sweaters like a boss. He is seen here looking like the don hosting his annual cosby sweater dinner party, smoking a cigar, whilst he recalls to his guests the number of people he has had ‘bumped off’ in order to get his lovely jumper. He is seen in the second photo having an after dinner game of charades with his guest of honour, Andy Samberg.

Making a song and dance of vintage cosby sweaters

It is clear that many rappers and musicians owe their success to wearing the famous cosby sweaters morning, noon and night. Australian hip-hoppers Hilltop Hoods have such an affinity for the cosby sweater that they wrote a song about them based on their favourite rapper, Biggie Smalls, and his notorious cosby sweater addiction. As seen in this picture, Biggie has been given a dollar for every time a passer-by has complemented his lovely jumper. You don’t have to wear mens vintage cosby sweaters to be a rapper, but it helps!

A comic after thought

If you want to take your mens vintage cosby sweaters addiction to the next level then you can take a leaf from Kenan Thompson’s book and become a Cosby impersonator for one night only, wearing your mens sweater on world famous sketch show, Saturday Night Live, where you can do a sketch not only adorning a glorious cosby but you can also wear a grey wig, talk nonsense and get laughs in the process.

Of course buying the sweater is just stage one, the rest is down to you.