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Karl Lagerfeld – Chanel

December 10, 2014

Chanel is one of the oldest and most famous haute couture house in the world. Its designs have long been associated with elegance, sophistication and class. Coco Chanel gave Chanel its name and gave women the little black dress (LBD) and the power suit. Now it has a new creative director, Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld At Chanel – Great Haute couture houses

A new era -Creative Director

Karl Lagerfeld is now the creative director of Chanel and has worked with both Chloe and H&M in the past. What may not be more commonly known is that Lagerfeld has also worked as a costume designer for a variety of different productions, mostly in Western Europe.

Different guises, different labels

As well as working with Chloe Karl Lagerfeld has also worked with Fendi and joined Chanel in 1983. This was only 10 years after Coco Chanel herself died and only 5 years since they had come up with their first ready-to-wear collection. The following year he would also launch his own label under his own name in 1984.


Karl Lagerfeld has certainly been successful during his time at Chanel and in the mid noughties he would go on to sell his own brand to Tommy Hilfiger while maintaining involvement in the designs. He designed 2 lines of footwear for Hogan, an Italian label in 2010.


Karl Lagerfeld enjoys sketching his designs rather than relying on a computer and isn’t a great fan of computer technology, for him he likes to take his time and create spontaneously, taking his inspiration from the past as well as well as from contemporary fashion.

Karl Lagerfeld to the rescue

Chanel was, or so it seemed, on its last legs when Karl Lagerfeld took over. Allegedly he was warned not to join the house as it seemed it might not survive once its founder had passed away. Lagerfeld ignored the naysayers and joined Chanel in ’82, and since#then he has been remarkably successful, bringing Chanel into the 21st century and making it as current and as fresh as any new label.


During Karl Lagerfeld’s time with Chanel we can thank him for his bold creations such as the box jacket with mini skirt in the early 90s, black fishnet body stockings, a daring creation which was also decorated with Chanel logos over the breast area. He has even given us a shower and car dress and some unusual hats, giving Chanel a sense of humour as well as contributing to its classic style.


Apart from his more amusing pieces, Karl Lagerfeld has continued to build the Chanel brand, enhancing, improving and perfecting what was already there and adding his own special touches that has made Chanel what it is today.

Karl Lagerfeld – Less is more

What Lagerfeld does is add something to Chanel that is devoid of ostentation and keeping to the adage that less is more. There are no garish colours, brightly decorated embellishments or embossed additions to Lagerfeld’s creations. Like Coco herself, Lagerfeld wanted to continue creating clothes for women that allowed for their busy working lives and help them to always look chic and sophisticated no matter how busy life was.

Versatility and creativity

There doesn’t seem to be any area of fashion that Karl Lagerfeld hasn’t had his hand in, such is his talent and versatility. From shoes, to perfume, hats and photography, Chanel could not have chosen a more worthy successor to the Coco Chanel than Lagerfeld himself.


If you fancy some Chanel and you can’t afford the designer label prices, then look online, or shop on the high street at your local vintage stores. You’ll have to look carefully, and take your time, but isn’t that the whole point of vintage shopping? And if you’re looking for a Chanel piece, then of course, you really want to take your time and enjoy the whole experience.





Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel LBD

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl at work

Karl Lagerfeld designs


Chanel Cruise

Chanel: Runway – Paris Fashion Week Haute-Couture F/W 2013-2014

France – Ready-to-Wear Autumn/Winter 2005-2006 – Designer Karl Lagerfeld

karl lagerfeld and cara delevingne