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Vintage Bridal Fashion

August 24, 2014

Vintage clothing has become a huge feature in today’s designer and high street collections and it is fast becoming a must have in vintage bridal fashion collections too.Traditional weddings are far the norm these days and having a special vintage themed wedding day is becoming increasingly popular. Vintage themes can span several iconic eras and choosing a unique theme for your wedding day can create a truly magical experience.

Special sentiment

Each iconic decade carries a special sentiment and many couples fall in love with the romance of a particular era and choose to embrace this on their special day. Favourite themes include romance inspired 1970’s boho chic themes and 1950’s shabby chic vintage styles. Take a look at these popular vintage bridal fashion favourites for inspiration on your big day.

1950’s Wedding Style Vintage Bridal Fashion

Two very different styles emerge from this popular vintage decade. Firstly include traditional pastel colourings, vintage street party style dining and rocking live bands. Secondly for those who love the Americana rockabilly style, bold brash tones, fabulous vintage cars and retro café style dining takes centre stage. Whichever style you choose, each 1950’s vintage theme is fun, beautiful and totally unique.


Bridal gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses featuring popular 1950’s style include tea length, simple design. The use of petticoats is another trendy addition to create a full prom style look.

beautiful wedding dresses-vintage Bridal fashion

Vintage bridal fashion

1960’s Wedding Style

The swinging sixties was the perfect decade of love and free spirit. Wedding themes created fun, unique features including festival themed events or perfect parties by the sea. Wedding cars perfect for this era include the iconic campervan that also doubles asyour honeymoon for a romantic getaway for perfect sixties style.


Vintage dresses from the 1960’s feature pretty lace, simple styling and sometimes short hemlines. Designs were carefree and create a beautiful unique theme to your big day.

1970’s Wedding Style

The seventies was another romantic decade and vintage wedding themes featuring this era combine romance and ethereal feeling. All day garden parties are perfect for this style wedding with bohemian themed decoration.


1970’s dress styles featured long flowing looks, pretty embellishments and gorgeous floral garlands. The seventies create the perfect free spirit, nostalgic romantic wedding day and is a beautiful unique theme for your wedding.

Vintage themed weddings create the perfect opportunity to give your big day a completely retro makeover and give you memories that will last a lifetime.


Create the Look the 1920s

Bride by the river

Diana Bolton – wedding dress