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Vintage 20s accessories to complete your 1920 outfit

May 23, 2015

There was a time in the twenties when you wouldn’t leave the house without Vintage 20s accessories, your outfit simply wouldn’t be complete without gloves, hat and a bag and a scarf.


Nowadays this simply isn’t the case, most accessories are only worn when the weather takes a turn for the worst.There are some decades when accessories were more important than others, and some where the accessories were simply so good, the next few decades to follow tried to reproduce them again.

Vintage 20s accessories

The daring flapper girl

The daring flapper girl

Vintage 20s accessories-Feathers, fur, beads and colour

The 20s is one such decade and we’re going to taking be taking a look at accessories from this period today.


With beading, feathers, satin, diamonds and furs, the 1920s was one of decadence, ultra-feminine dressing and the beginning of empowerment for women.

Flapper girl

The flapper girl style had taken the 1920s fashion world by storm with women’s fashion taking its cue from the social changes that were going on at the time, with women going out to work, driving, smoking and fighting for the vote. This in turn reflected in the way women dressed.


Gone were the corsets and in came the androgynous clothes, and with it the flapper girl look with dropped waists, stockings and feathered and jewelled headbands.

Accessorize darling

In this decade women wore Vintage 20s accessories to go out during the day and at night and were always well dressed.


The cloche was a popular choice of hat and first came with a brim and was pulled down over the eyes. Later the cloche became more slim line without the large brim, but was still pulled low down over the head.


The cloche has since become popular again and only last year was being worn again as the hat of choice, but not to the extent of the 1920s, when a woman wouldn’t have left the house without a hat.


The turban was also and was worn during the day and in the evening.

Wraps and furs

Wraps were worn for the day and for the evening, and these varied from beautifully embroidered shawls held together with a brooch, to a fur wraps worn around the shoulders with the head of the animal at one end and the tail at the other. Naturally, these are no longer in vogue, but faux fur collars are often still worn clipped on to the lapels of jackets and coats.


Art Deco Vintage 20s accessories were popular with geometric shapes and the colours red, green and black seen frequently on shawls and bags.


The Egyptian era was experiencing a revival and was seen on furnishings, handbags and scarves.

Vintage 20s accessories-Hair bands and handbags

Hair accessories were extremely popular and included beautifully embellished comb grips, skull caps and headbands, worn low on the forehead with feathers and rhinestones.


Gloves were worn both day and night and handbags ranged from small elegant pieces to strapless purses that would eventually graduate into the minaudiere or clutch bag, embellished with small beads and sequins.

Find yourself some original Vintage 20s accessories

Finding original Vintage 20s accessories in good condition isn’t easy, but it can be done.


Clothes are a different matter, but don’t forget that the decades that came after did replicate the looks of the 20s, such as the dropped waist dresses with longer hems of the 70s and the sequined and glitzy dresses of the 80s.


Fortunately many of the accessories of the 1920s still exist and many are in excellent condition, from small beaded purses, to hair combs and skull caps.


They are well worth the investment and the detailing on vintage items is exquisite.




Beautiful accessories made dressing up a pleasure

Dropped waists and androgynous body shapes

Typical skull caps worn in the 1920s-Vintage 20s accessories