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Our love for Vintage Fashion – Why vintage is a trend

July 21, 2014

Vintage fashion is fast becoming a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. Our love for vintage fashion means the demand for unique and individual style is overtaking the necessity to follow the crowd and stick with the latest trends.

Our love for Vintage Fashion stems from diversity

Vintage clothing gives the wearer the ultimate decision in how to style and create a distinct look whilst embracing fashion from yester-years. Vintage clothing has become a popular choice for many fashionistas and well-known celebrities are seen gracing the red carpet in designer vintage gowns and jewellery.


Our love for Vintage Fashion incorporates many genres and eras of renowned fashionable styles, designer names and iconic collections. Everyone can at least name something memorable from fashion history and this has shaped the fashion world into the intuitive and evolving multi billion pound grossing industry it is today.


Unique style and creative thinking has catapulted vintage fashion in the past few years as individuals recreate looks from a specific period or mix modern trends with a vintage twist. Each era carries an iconic trait or hidden gem and inventing your own style alongside these inspirational pieces can create a totally distinctive and attention-grabbing style that is all yours.

vintage clothes - Blue17_rear section inside shop

Blue17_rear section inside shop

Our love for Vintage Fashion -Trends

Trends are always changing and as the industry has developed it has taken a natural course of looking back at previous decades to enhance designs and evolve current and future fashions. In recent years many collections have seen vintage inspirations including bygone colours, cuts and designs.


Well-known Irish designer Orla Kiely created her signature style using colours, patterns and texture with a 60’s twist for her latest autumn/winter 2014 collection and many other clothing designers are following suit.


Individuals are drawn to beautiful styles and our love for vintage fashion provides intrigue into the history and story behind what we are wearing, something that throwaway fashion does not.


Our love for vintage fashion and retro clothing gives a sense of style credibility as the wearer has decided to be creative with their look and take the time and effort to choose what and how to style their pieces. Most vintage items are unique and although some styles are similar, you are guaranteed to have a one-off piece with all its little quirks.

1960s womens shoes

1960s womens shoes

Our love for vintage fashion has a wonderful way of making you feel special and shopping for vintage clothing is far more fun than your normal high street buys. Hunting out pieces that are perfect for you and not the masses gives an instant buzz whilst creating the perfect addition to any wardrobe.


Images from Flickr Creative Commons