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Womenswear trends AW 2014

July 21, 2014

Collections featuring Womenswear trends AW 2014 were on the catwalks of fashion weeks around the globe including London, Paris and New York give us an invaluable insight into the future styles, designs and forecasts for the upcoming season. These top fashion events provide our well-known high street brands with the awareness of what’s going to be the latest look or style that everyone will want to wear.

Hot looks and the catwalks in Womenswear trends AW 2014

Womenswear trends AW 2014 were featured on the catwalks at the earlier part of the year and provided us with a selection of hot styles and looks for the coming season. Trends have re-appeared from recent seasons, others take inspiration from vintage and past years whilst some create a twist on the classics. Each distinguished designer has developed interesting and intuitive collections that filter perfectly to high street styles.


Many current Womenswear trends AW 2014 take some inspiration from vintage styles or periods, whilst some embrace a refashioned look and others use features or elements of a particular period. Womenswear trends AW 2014 have seen a wide range of ideas and concepts realised and we have created our Top 15 upcoming fashion trends AW 2014 that will filter onto the high street and boutiques. If you love vintage, these trends can be recreated with unique pieces directly from the inspiring era.


1. The Sixties influence 

An iconic fashionable era has inspired a throw back trend with a twist, designers have used classic 60’s shapes and feminine style to bring us a modern look whilst keeping hemlines short and designs quirky.


2.Geometry lesson

Clean, geometric shapes have influenced many prints within designer’s collections for the coming season. Several tones of colour have also created a statement look and textured feel to this trend. Vintage geometric styles have inspired many designers to create a revitalised and stimulating look, perfect for statement outerwear.


3. Art and 3D inspirations

Prints were very popular on the catwalks for womenswear trends AW 2014 and the bolder the better. Psychedelic twists and 3d influences made collections really pop and create an eye-catching addition to any wardrobe.

4. Sports Luxe/90’s Womenswear trends AW 2014

Nineties trends have seen a comeback once again this autumn/winter 14 after it’s popularity last season. Designers have captured a luxury sports feel to this trend whilst keeping it modern, edgy and capturing the essence of the decade.


5. Asymmetry styling

This season sees asymmetrical designs and cuts with designers opting out of classic straight tailored styles. Colours and metallics also create attention-grabbing looks alongside trendy sophistication.

6. Classic military looks in Womenswear trends AW 2014

Key colours for the season see classic autumnal hues including olive greens, dark chocolates and smoky greys. These colours flow perfectly into the military trend this year. Strong structured style with feminine touches creates a twist on the classic military look.

7. Oversized knitwear styles

Knitwear is a must have piece in your autumn/winter wardrobe and this season sees oversized styles taking centre stage. An interesting twist on the classic included crochet knit which creates a gothic angle to the oversized trend.


8. Womenswear trends AW 2014 – It’s all in the detail

Lavish embellishments and intricate detailing was showcased by many Womenswear trends AW 2014 designer collections this season. Detailing creates the illusion of grandeur and propels an outfit into a beautiful masterpiece creating a distinctive style and striking look.


9. Chic leopard prints

Animal prints are always a hit whether they are subtle motifs or clashing textured styles. This season sees a mix with cool leather to create a strong, feminine style with a touch of classic animal print.


10. The velvet touch

This stunning material recreated a vintage romanticism in several designers’ collections for Womenswear trends AW 2014 . Dark tones and luscious texture gave an alluring look to this trend, perfect for statement dresses and classic knee length skirts.


11. Womenswear trends AW 2014 – All that glitters

Autumn/winter is perfect for exuberant shimmery designs and luxurious styles as the winter holiday season gets underway. This Womenswear trends in 2014 is perfect for party dress and evening wear and really gets us into the festive spirit on those dull and dreary winter nights.


12. Traditional Tartan trends

This season Womenswear trends AW 2014 embraced the traditional tartan and check print and gave them a chic, elegant twist. Classic outerwear featured in many collections whilst pairing the design with on trend colours such as deep reds and royal blues. Coordinating tartan print also provided an update to the current spring/summer co-ord trend.


13. Faux fur embellishments

This recurrent trend featured on many outerwear campaigns this season, with full faux fur pieces or large exaggerated faux fur trims. This Womenswear trend for AW 2014 provides an extravagant look and appeals on those cooler autumn days.


14. Folk tale styles

Womenswear trends AW 2014 features several folk style inspirations and character prints. This trend has a 1970’s feel with embroidered patterns and bold design. International catwalks showcased stunning capes and knitwear with lavish, intriguing features and quirky loveable designs.

Womenswear trends AW 2014 - Design inspiration with Red Wool Cape of Clara and Mary Mitchell, 1894

Red Wool Cape of Clara and Mary Mitchell, 1894 Courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons

15. Womenswear trends AW 2014 – Fairytale Capes

Designers used capes to compliment their beautiful creations on this season’s catwalks. Classic styles and bold texture produced a statement outwear piece that works perfectly clashed with contrasting prints or matched with safer neutral styling.


Other features womenswear trends AW 2014 saw on trend colours such as lashings of regal red tones and royal blue shades which create a fabulous array of rich, luscious styles and provide a refreshing change to the characteristic autumnal colours that this season presents.


In the transition from SS14 to Womenswear trends AW 2014, neon and pastel colours are still playing a big part in the current transitional trends and have made some appearances in to the collections for the future seasons. These will be colours to watch out for in spring/summer 2015.


Trend forecasts for Womenswear trends give us an idea of what we could be buying for the new season and many trends give us the flexibility to mix and match without something completely going out of fashion. Buying a few on trend pieces will give you the option to create versatile outfits for many seasons to come.