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Vintage mens bags

September 18, 2015

Any well-groomed man knows that the finishing touch to his outfit is the perfect bag. You don’t need to spend all that effort on your outfit – selecting the perfect matching socks to go with your moustache, and making sure the cord to your headphones (and I do mean a proper, woven cord, not a plastic coated piece of wire) is of exactly the correct thickness – not to chunky, and not too puny.A selection of exquisitely aged Vintage mens bags to choose from each day will ensure that your entire outfit harmonises.

Vintage mens bags

Vintage mens bags-A Country Doctor on his rounds

A Country Doctor on his rounds


Vintage mens bags-Vintage doctor bag

Vintage doctor bag

Leather bags

Of course, there are several types of Vintage mens bags to choose from. Many hipsters will go for a leather option – a vintage doctor’s bag, for example, in chestnut-brown leather. Who knows what life saving medicines it once contained, as the country doctor rushed on his horse through stormy country lanes to an emergency cesarian birth on the kitchen table, which he alone has the daring to do when everyone around the has already given up both mother and baby for dead, turning away and sadly shaking their heads before he pulls up at the door in a clatter of hooves.


On delivery of a healthy mother and babe, the dashing doctor accepts no payments, rushing to his next mission pristine but for a single smear of blood across one high cheekbone, but not before the entire beaming family promises eternal gratitude, even down to the newborn who raises one tiny fist in salute of the hero. Such could be the story behind one of your Vintage mens bags, you never know.

Adventurers Vintage mens bags

A carpet-bag is also attractive for many who wish to add to their collection of mens vintage bags. This conjures up not only Mary Poppins, for when you want to seem capable and in control, carrying everything possible for comfort and emergency, and even able to do a little magic if necessary. It also suggests train journeys across inhospitable Eastern terrains, packed with adventuring supplies like your Kendal Mint Cakes, teabags and Primus stoves.


Can you get around the world by train before your rival? With a little luck, and the help of many locals who are charmed by your wide smile and even wider shoulders, you probably can, despite many travails along the way. Once, you lost all your papers, deep within the inside pockets of your carpet-bag, and a stern official would not let you past. You were lost until a telegram form your great-uncle, the Vice-Consul of Persia, came to save you, and after that the guards insisted on you staying for tiny, treacly cups of coffee in their humble abode. All of this set you several hours behind schedule, but you made the time up, thundering along on a pair of borrowed oxen to make your next train stop.

The perfect Vintage mens bags

All of this history and more can be seen when you choose the right kind of mens vintage bags – and the bag’s adventures with add a little of their lustre to you.

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Off on your adventures by rail

A splendid carpet bag will hold everything you need.