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Womens Vintage Accessories to create a unique fashion look

February 7, 2015

Seasoned vintage clothes hunters will know the thrill of finding pristine womens vintage accessories. Sometimes you’ll find a pair of silk stockings, still in the packet, and sometimes it’s a pair of unworn gloves. To think that these things have survived, perhaps sixty years, perhaps a hundred, and no–one has worn them out dancing, or maybe even tried them on.You’re going to be the first!

Women Vintage accessories

Of course, that depends if they fit – vintage gloves can be tiny! And perhaps you don’t want to ruin their immaculate condition by wearing them. Sometimes it’s nicer to preserve them just as they are.

Womens Vintage Accessories-Really great

There is also something really great about wearing something that shows signs of use. Not only are you not too worried about wearing it out and about, fearing damage, but it’s fun to imagine who had it before and where it’s been.


Perhaps this silk scarf was wound around the neck of a flapper girl, who wore it when she scandalized local society by wearing lipstick and dancing the black bottom all night long, appearing in the papers the next day. Perhaps this handbag was owned by a working woman in the 50’s, a lady journalist, who kept her notepad and pens and a little compact in there. She matched it to her gloves and shoes, and always looked immaculate while ferociously questioning slippery politicians on their newest laws.

1940s vintage white,black ,orange Kashmir inspired print

1940s vintage white,black ,orange Kashmir inspired print scarf

What Kind of Womens Vintage Accessories Should I Get?

Whatever you like! Womens vintage accessories include everything from bags, belts, fans, scarves, hats, ties, suspenders, socks, stockings, jewellery, umbrellas and even swords. They can come from any era – pre 1900 is probably more antique than vintage, strictly speaking, but you can still get them. And anything after the year 2000 is probably just a bit old, not vintage, really.

Womens Vintage Accessories - Edwardian beaded

Edwardian beaded

Condition and value of Womens Vintage Accessories

Some things are more valuable than others, and some are more beautiful than others. You’ll see things that are in good condition, and ready to be worn, and others that are not in such good condition, but still, there’s something you really like about them anyway.

Vintage Zircon

Vintage Zircon


Sometimes, an accessory has such a lovely shape, colour or detail that you might like to get it just for inspiration. A lot of clothing designers do this. Some have whole racks of vintage shoes, for example, and study the heel on one, the toe of another, and put it all together for a whole new design.

Vintage shoes

Vintage shoes


You can consider your Womens Vintage Accessories finds as an investment, and if you check auction histories online or in big auction houses, you might find that the bargain you picked up is worth quite a lot.

Deco Bakelite

Deco Bakelite necklace from Blue17


In any case, try and store your treasures carefully. Vintage clothes and Womens vintage accessories can easily get mouldy, damaged or even rot, so wrap them carefully if you’re not using them, and don’t store them in damp basements. Make sure they’re protected against moths too, because unfolding a beautiful old silk fan and seeing it fall into shreds in front of your eyes is a horrible shock.

Womens Vintage Accessories, Victorian oriental inspired fan

Victorian oriental inspired


Most of all, enjoy your Womens Vintage Accessories and have fun!




Women’s Vintage leather gloves