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Mens vintage backpacks

September 21, 2015

How wonderful would it be to throw a few things into a rucksack and set off around the world armed with nothing more than your wits, courage, and a few spare pairs of pants? For that you need to look at mens vintage backpacks to choose the one for your adventure.

The best Mens vintage backpacks

The best mens vintage backpacks are sturdy, with numerous pockets and expandable zips. It should be waterproof, with padded straps, and feel comfortable to carry, even when stuffed to the gills with all of life’s necessities. If you make the correct choice, it will last you a lifetime of adventures.

 As hand luggage

Most airlines will allow you to take your backpack on as hand luggage without checking the exact dimensions, but to avoid last minute worry and chucking out of important copies of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and The Teachings of Don Juan please don’t take my word for it, and try and check individual airline’s rules before you go.


Rucksacks and backpacks are actually measured in litres, as in the number of litres the who bag, including pockets will hold, which seems really abstract to me since I don’t know how many litres of clothes I’ve got. Just measure it at the shop or ask for measurements if you’re buying online.

Fitting everything into your mens vintage backpacks

Pro tip: the cheaper your ticket, the meaner the baggage allowance, and it does change a bit according to the airline, so don’t assume that because you were ok on one airplane you’ll be all right on the next one. I’ve never been asked to weigh my hand luggage, but there is a limit, and again, it’s best to try and stick to it.


Further pro tip: wear any clothing that doesn’t fit in that you really, really want to keep – I’ve seen people do this in real life. And I know other people who swear by shrink wrapping everything – clothes, food, toiletries, anything and everything else – before setting off, you know with one of those food vacuum sealer things? Though I don’t know what they do on the other side when everything expands again.

Find mens vintage backpacks with a good fit

The other important thing to do is to pick mens vintage backpacks that fit well. If it hangs too far down your back you’ll have trouble carrying it, as about 70% of the weight is meant to be supported on your hips – bumping the back of your legs at every step is not ideal. Similarly, too small and it will give you an awful package.


Look for mens vintage backpacks with straps over the hips, which will help to spread the load: a chest strap for big ones is helpful, as are padded, adjustable shoulder straps. You can also get ones with internal frames to help to distribute weight properly. They add a little weight themselves but are quite useful to keep your posture upright and avoid backache.


Finally, look for useful pockets, including a zippable internal security pocket, and various clips and hooks inside of pockets are useful for keeping things like keys safe but accessible.

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