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If you’re into fifties fashion and love the era with all it’s unique and nostalgic appeal, you’ve come to the right place.We have fifties clothing and accessories for Men and Women.
Discover authentic fifties clothes and accessories from the era.Shop for original dresses, skirts,tops and blouses, coats and jackets.

In our London store we have clothing with novelty , gingham and floral prints, flecked wool coats, skirts and jackets.Our skirts from the decade are from pencil to full circle.The range of dresses include party, shift, cocktail and ballgowns.

Check out our selection of Mexican clothes , native American suede and leather fringed Indian jackets and moccasins.All of these and more will  be presented in the near future, here in our online shop.

With a range of accessories that include jewellry, scarves , shoes, handbags and purses, our range is sure to please.

Browse the collection for the gems of the decade’s fashion.Shop the range of the best fashion for specifically Selected for their authenticity, high quality and excellent condition, you will find original fifties clothes for Men and Women here.

We pick our clothes to fit from Women’s sizes UK 6 to 18, with the majority being in the size range 8- 14.We stock Men’s clothing from the fifties in sizes UK small, medium, large and extra large.

Elevate your look with timeless on-trend Fifties classics

There are some looks that stand the test of time and classic Fifties trends never go out of style, so amplify your fashion persona by injecting some Fifties style today.

The tailored, form-flattering trends of heritage Fifties dressing is as relevant today as it was back in the 1950s, so find those styles that speak to your individual fashion sense, and bring them into your wardrobe today to elevate your look to the next level of retro-modern flair.



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