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Play vintage video

October 25, 2015

We are pleased to publish our first play vintage filmed video from the film production collective Tusk productions.Filmed over the course of late summer 2015 with the participation of friends,friends of friends,part-time models,actors and actresses.

This short film references the game tag, which is described here, video games of the 1980s, 90s and professional film editing.

Play vintage video

Showcasing a range of bright colors and patterns in both the set design and clothing, the film has a spontaneous quality, with the closing scene a joyous moment of celebration which is due to the film concept,the natural exuberance of the good-looking players, add some excellent film editing and set design and voila!

Play vintage-still 3-www.Blue17

still 3

Play vintage – All together now

The clothing worn by the players in the play vintage video was chosen for its vibrant primary colors, with yellows, blue, red and green in abundance.The set design which was built for the video is equally bright.

Play vintage-still

still 23

Individual without being garish, they are beautifully modeled, wearable unique vintage items which were sourced from the rails of Blue17’s well-known retail vintage store at 162 Holloway road,in London’s fashionable Islington district.

Showing just how contemporary vintage items can be, the periods the clothing was taken from were the 1940s through to the 1980s, with a splash of Burberry from our range in-store in the mix too.


still 6

Play vintage-For the Girls

For the girls, an example of just how relevant, good-looking and unique vintage fashion is today are the 1940s multicolored floral print dress in blue, yellow and purple, or the two piece 70s women’s floral print skirt and top.Then there were the 1950s printed satin evening dress and the 1970s red and white A-line skirt teamed with a 60s blouse in pure white, with a lace inset panel.

Play vintage-still

still 22


In play vintage still 12, Xing looks wonderful in orange and brown Hawaiian print 70s dress, and Josephine also looks stunning in a gorgeous cotton cherry print 50s dress.



For the boys

The guys took the 70’s and 80s looks and ran with them, with Thomas wearing red and white marine tee-shirt with contrasting blue cotton zipper jacket. Samuel combined the brightly colored 1980s shirt and acid wash jeans to good effect…

Play vintage-still 5

still 5


In Play vintage still 24 Samuel puts feet forward to show a 70s black and white polka dot shirt, teamed with a 60s yellow and black blazer and in still 11 Thomas rocks the vintage biker cool was that.

still 24

still 24


still 11-

still 11


If you’re up for vintage fashion at an affordable price, visit  Blue17’s Holloway vintage retail store or take a look at our growing range of vintage clothing and accessories in our online vintage store.

Lastly,our sincere thanks to everyone who worked on the Play vintage video.